Renewing the Art of Performance Reviews to Fine-tune Organizational Productivity


Rippling, the leading unified workforce management platform, has officially announced the launch of a new Performance Management solution, which is designed to help Rippling customers run global performance review cycles with 360º feedback, calibrate ratings confidentially, and seamlessly run compensation processes, including bonus payments. According to certain reports, such a product should empower these customers to set up merit matrices, push changes directly to payroll, and facilitate year-round performance with triggered milestone reviews, goal setting, and soon, 1:1s. In order to understand the significance of Rippling’s latest brainchild, we must take into account how, unlike point solutions or legacy all-in-one systems, Rippling’s technology is largely customizable to the business’ needs. Furthermore, given the fact that all Rippling apps are natively built on top of the unified platform, it should allow for users to seamlessly connect performance data with other Rippling applications like Recruiting and Payroll, as well as past cycle feedback and historical changes. On top of that, the reviews to emerge from the solution are always based on up-to-date employee attributes and can even be triggered at specific moments in the individual employee’s lifecycle, while simultaneously ensuring complete control over who has access to performance data.

Talk about the whole value proposition on a slightly deeper, we begin from the promise of aligning employee performance with business goals. This translates to the fact that Rippling helps managers in quickly creating goals, cascading them through their reporting line, and allocating ownership to specific members of their team. On the other hand, instead of having to log into a separate system, employees can review their goals regularly, using a system they’re in every day. Markedly enough, the technology also connects to Rippling’s Employee Graph for the purpose of helping business leaders report on goal outcomes and trends, alongside any other data, including department, tenure, level, and engagement surveys etc. Next up, we must get into how the solution improves upon current review cycles mechanisms. You see, up until now, launching a review cycle would take hours of manual work. However, Rippling’s latest brainchild lets you create a full 360º review with upward, downward, and peer reviews in no time. Using the same, you can decide how many peer reviews are required for each employee, specify unique questions for each department or reviewer, and even set rules about who should do the review, if an employee transitioned managers during the review period.

Moving on, the Performance Management technology in play also lets you leverage one central source of truth to put the right information into the hands of managers and HR leaders. This involves automatically handling all permissions, and allowing appropriate managers and HR to compare and calibrate ratings directly in the app in either tabular or graphical format. Not just that, the feature also does the whole job without mandating the use of a single spreadsheet, thus eliminating the risk associated with wrongful access to confidential information. Then, there is the promise to streamline compensation and rewards. You see, after compensation decisions are made, companies often struggle with propagating those decisions to a payroll system in an error-free manner. This ends up demanding a lot of time and resources. Fortunately, Rippling addresses that by streamlining entire process with built-in, customizable merit matrices, a real-time multi-currency view of a company’s overall rewards budget, and dynamic policies which ensure an equitable process to help retain talent. Owing to that, any merit or level changes reflect automatically across the system, including payroll.


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