Embracing Modernization to Scale Up Talent Acquisition


Wizehire, a leading hiring solution, has officially announced the launch of its new Candidate Texting feature, which is designed to help organizations build stronger relationships with top talent, increase engagement, and streamline the hiring process. Talk about the whole value proposition on a slightly deeper, we begin from the promise of better engagement. This promise is, by and large, rooted in the solution’s ability to harbor authentic communication, minimize ghosting, and keep candidates invested throughout the hiring process. Next up, we must get into how it will bring forth an effortless brand of dashboard management. This involves a centralized dashboard which the user can leverage to effectively eliminate the need to search the required information, and therefore, reduce the time you would have usually spent on communication management. Complimenting the same would be easy access to all candidate conversations, as well as a facility to share updates with your team, and track progress without any hassle whatsoever. Building upon its communication prospects, the solution can empower users to seamlessly switch between email and text messaging and choose the communication method which best suits their organization’s ideology and the particular candidate’s preferences.

Another detail worth a mention here is rooted in the way this new feature allows you to obtain complete text history at a glance. With all text interactions conveniently organized and accessible across each candidate profile, the solution in question ensures that your focus remains on building stronger relationships rather than searching for messages. There is also a compliance angle in play, an angle which reveals itself once you consider how Wizehire’s latest brainchild leverages a 2-step authentication to help users engage with candidates via text in a 100% secure environment.

“Wizehire’s Candidate Texting solution addresses an important need in today’s recruiting landscape — communication that resonates with candidates and gets results,” said Sid Upadhyay, CEO of Wizehire. “We’ve never seen a bigger, more positive impact on both the job seeker and hiring manager experience, as we’re seeing with Candidate Texting. We’re empowering businesses to reach top talent faster and build stronger relationships that significantly reduce interview no-shows and boost overall interview rates. It’s a win-win for both employers and candidates.”

Further contextualizing the importance attached to such a development is a piece of data that claims more than 90% of job candidates use cell phones for job searches. In case that didn’t sound like enough, then we must acknowledge how text messaging has already proven to boost open rates, realizing a whopping cap of 97% compared to the meager 20% employers have, thus far, observed through emails.

Founded in 2014, Wizehire’s rise stems from its award-winning, end-to-end hiring solution which combines innovative software with hands-on, expert coaching to help business leaders build their teams. At present, the company presents this service through specific solutions like a dedicated applicant tracking system, industry-optimized job templates, and research-driven screening methodologies etc. As for Wizehire’s excellence in delivering these services, it can be inferred by considering the fact that the company is currently trusted by more than 18,000 businesses. This includes the likes of Barker Mazda, Best Western Hotels & Resorts, McClure Group, Movement Mortgage, Zone Health & Fitness, RealtyOne Group, The Murphy Law Firm, Honda Universe, Lark Hotels, and many more.

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