Enlisting Comprehensive and Actionable Insights to Drive Never-Seen-Before HRM Impact


Explorance, the leader in feedback analytics solutions, has officially announced the launch of a landmark update for its Learning Measurement solution called Metrics That Matter (MTM). Under the update, Explorance will bring AI-powered MLY to the mix, something which it will then use to combine quantitative and qualitative data for the purpose of providing a comprehensive learning analysis. More on the same would reveal how the integration of MLY into MTM will help users uncover hidden correlations, actionable insights, and next steps for improvement. This they’ll be able to do, in a specific sense, through better understanding of trends, patterns, and learner preferences. Such a setup, on its part, should go a long way to align learners’ skills with job requirements, fortify the workforce, and enhance organizational competitiveness, productivity, and innovation. Markedly enough, even as a standalone feature, the all-new MLY can distill unstructured feedback sources into actionable feedback and let organizations efficiently analyze. Anyway, combing back to the collective potential of MTM and MLY, it begins from the way you can add qualitative data into customizable dashboards. This translates to users having the option of packing comment data into their existing personalized data views, an option which can come in handy when the agenda is to showcase connection between qualitative and quantitative data. Not just that, the stated data integration can also help users dig into data within the dashboard widget and achieve identification of precise, actionable insights.

Next up, we must acknowledge how the update in question will bring forth prescriptive decision-making, along with accelerated insights. With the given pair of elements, one can identify key trends and insights, facilitate prompt responses to organizational challenges, and provide actionable recommendations that are derived directly from learners themselves. Joining the same is a facility dedicated towards sentiment trend analysis. Here, you can come expecting a functionality which is well-equipped to track shifts in sentiment over time, allow users to assess the effectiveness of L&D initiatives, and implement recommended improvements. Rounding up highlights for us would be a specialized alerts system. This alerts system is there to enable efficient and proactive management.

“This integration of MLY into MTM marks a significant milestone in our journey towards empowering organizations with actionable insights. By harnessing the power of AI, Metrics That Matter now provides not only data analysis but a transformative roadmap for organizational growth and performance,” said Samer Saab, Founder and CEO of Explorance. “This advancement reaffirms our commitment to driving purpose, impact, and growth, while addressing the critical skills gap in today’s evolving landscape.”

Founded back in 2003, Explorance’s rise stems from providing a cutting-edge brand of people insights. At present, the company’s portfolio of solutions packs together stuff like course evaluations, surveys, 360 degree feedback, live formative feedback, educational technology, enterprise software, machine learning, learning evaluations, learning measurements, experience management, L&D effectiveness, employee experience, student experience, teaching effectiveness, and more. As for Explorance’s excellence in delivering these solutions, it can be understood once you consider that the company is currently a trusted partner for 35% of Fortune 100 companies, is among 25% of the world’s top higher education institutions, and has influenced over 25 million individuals with award-winning solutions like Blue, Metrics That Matter, and MLY.

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