Improving the Performance Benchmarks Through a Renewed Browser Technology


The world’s first enterprise browser for productivity called Here has officially launched to streamline workflow, reduce app toggling, and improve employee experience. Before we get any further into this development, we must acknowledge how several recent studies suggest that toggling between an ever-increasing number of apps and websites at work presents an enormous productivity challenge for enterprises. To be more concrete, on an average, users toggle up to 1,200 times a day, losing about four hours per week in productivity and using up to two hours a day just searching for information in different apps. Fortunately enough, the new productivity browser addresses that very problem. You see, built on Google Chromium, stated solution comes decked up with an ability to improve productivity across industries for knowledge workers, from call center agents and healthcare professionals to wealth managers and beyond. Talk about the given solution on a slightly deeper level, we begin from the presence of customized and unified Supertabs. These tabs basically make it possible for you to combine browser and application tabs into dedicated layouts to see information across apps at a glance, thus significantly mitigating the need for toggling. Next up, we must get into the solution’s app interoperability capabilities. This refers to how apps within Supertabs dynamically update, share data and context; and eliminate the need for repeated copy-paste so to deliver streamlined workflows.

“The growing enterprise browser market has a massive missing piece: a clear focus on improving worker productivity and employee experience. In today’s market environment, companies can no longer afford to operate with the inefficient paradigm of browsers that were designed to surf the public internet,” said Mazy Dar, CEO and co-founder of Here™. “The time has come for a better solution in the enterprise: run Here for work apps and embrace Edge or Chrome for everything else.”

Hold on, we still have a few bits left to unpack, considering we still haven’t acknowledged the new browser’s knowhow when it comes to delivering actionable notifications. In fact, users can come expecting a dedicated notification center, which is designed to dramatically simplify and improve productivity. Through this center, the Here browser provides content-rich notifications that can be easily triaged and immediately acted upon without the need to toggle into an app. Then, there is the deep search functionality in play which empowers you to search inside and across all applications with a universal search and actionable results displayed in one unified interface.

“Here is uniquely positioned to win in the enterprise browser space with its established track-record in financial services,” said Matt Harris, Partner at Bain Capital Ventures. “Since leading its Series A, we’ve been impressed by the company’s success in collaborating with the largest banks to meet their needs for productivity, security and compliance.”

Rounding up highlights for us would be the presence of full admin control and analytics. Under the stated aspect, we have a facility for administrators to centrally authorize approved apps and websites, manage fine-grained app permissions, and receive usage analytics to enable audit, compliance, and vendor management.

Outside of the new browser, Here already provides productivity technology to 90% of global financial institutions.

“We see broad applicability for Here’s productivity technology within the national security community and the government sector more generally,” said Brinda Jadeja, Senior Partner at IQT. “The platform provides unique capabilities for unifying workflows across disparate applications and data sources, allowing agencies to improve user experience for government workers and enhance their effectiveness.”

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