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Patra, a leading provider of technology-enabled insurance outsourcing services, has officially announced an updated version of its Employee Benefit services. Under the given update, Patra’s Employee Benefit Services now include end-to-end service delivery for all Employee Benefit needs, encompassing eligibility management, renewal support, data entry, audits, and accounting services. Designed to provide seamless support in various Benefit Administration Systems, and at the same time, offer comprehensive service options like data migration, case builds, EDI connectivity, eligibility management, and error report resolution, Patra’s bid for expansion begins with eligibility management capabilities that facilitate comprehensive handling of eligibility-related tasks. These tasks, for instance, may include enrollments, terminations, changes, and open enrollment. Next up, we have in play dedicated renewal support. Here, the idea is basically to let you seamlessly retrieve renewals, facilitate census preparation, deliver quoting through online portals, and create comprehensive spreadsheets for a variety of purposes. Building upon that would be specialized plan support, which packs together detailed analysis and spreadsheets, containing claims data, to provide actionable insights. Not just that, this support is also applicable for essential compliance documentation and updates to AMS. Joining the same would be accounting and reconciliation services that deliver at your disposal the most intelligible brand of commission posting, enrollment audits, bordereaux transfers, and plenty other accounting facilities

“At Patra, we continuously strive to offer innovative and reliable solutions that cater to the dynamic needs of our clients. Our enhanced EB services and flexible business models are designed to provide unparalleled support and efficiency,” said Sharon Kern, SVP of Enterprise Sales at Patra.

To further the technological prowess, Patra will also leverage its own best practices for easy migrations with globally integrated hybrid model, and therefore, minimize agency involvement to only approvals. This, on its part, should go a long way to ensure a streamlined process. Anyway, in case that wasn’t enough, the company has also, quite recently, enhanced its Employee Benefits team of experienced Employee Navigator associates, who bring extensive system expertise to manage these processes efficiently.

Founded in 2005, Patra’s rise stems from its industry-leading take on insurance outsourcing. Apart from that, the company’s solutions currently revolve around Insurance Staffing, Back-office Production, Insurance Production, Insurance BPO, Insurance Technology, Policy Checking, Certificates of Insurance, and much more. An example of the scale on which Patra is operating, it has, at the moment more than 6,000 process executives in geopolitically stable and democratic countries that protect data to let agencies/brokerages, MGAs, wholesalers, and carriers capture the organic Patra Advantage i.e. profitable growth and organizational value.

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