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Indeed, the world’s #1 job site and a global job matching and hiring platform, has officially announced the launch of a new product suite called Smart Sourcing, which is designed to make hiring process faster, simpler and more efficient for both employers and job seekers. According to certain reports, Smart Sourcing comes decked up with an ability to let employers source candidates from a large, active talent pool, with access to nearly 300 million workers. As for job seekers, the solution leverages recently updated Indeed Profile portal to ensure they are able to showcase their unique work experiences, skills and preferences in a way that transcends traditional resume. Talk about the whole value proposition on a slightly deeper level, we begin from how, through the new Smart Sourcing tool, Indeed is able to provide candidate recommendations that are actually complimentary of employers’ needs. These recommendations include AI-powered candidate summaries with context on why someone is a good fit for a role, thus greatly speeding up the evaluation process. The stated candidate summaries can also inform you on why some candidates should not be overlooked over negligible differences, such as having four years of experience for a job that requires five. This then sets the stage for employers to invite qualified candidates. Interestingly enough, when invited, matched candidates are almost 17 times more likely to apply than if they found the job on their own.

We briefly touched on the access Smart Sourcing brings in the context of a large and active talent pool, this access tends to prioritize people who are actively looking for a new job, especially those who used Indeed at some point over the past 30 days. Already being used by a selected few employers, Smart Sourcing has become the preferred talent scouting tool for nearly 92% of them. Another 75% employers also claimed that Indeed has a larger pool of active candidates than other job sites. Anyway, once they have the candidates recommendations, employers can, in practice, generate custom AI-powered messages based on their job criteria so to quickly connect with the job seeker. This particular feature, like the other ones, is already saving a ton of time for users, as more than 78% of employers agree that it is the fastest way to make a quality hire. On top of it, over 83% even recognize it as the most effective way to communicate with candidates.

For job seekers, on the other hand, Indeed’s latest move delivers more than 40,000 different types of skills to choose from and display on their profile. Beyond that, there is an updated toggle within Indeed Profile to help candidates make themselves visible to employers and available for outreach, thus creating a possibility to get contacted for any relevant jobs. Another facility which Indeed will soon introduce for candidates is rooted in having multiple resumes. Given how over half (55%) of job seekers either change their resume or create a new version to apply for jobs, this new feature will allow them to simultaneously save and access up to five versions of their resume. Not just that, the talent sourcing platform is also looking to bring a work experience writer, which will bank upon AI to create and update candidates’ work experience descriptions on Indeed Profile.

The development in question provides an interesting follow-up to one report, which saw over 40% of job seekers say ​​they have been contacted by a company for a job that was not right for them.


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