Tailing the Concept of Digital Workspaces to Arrive at a More Collaborative Organizational Environment


CADchat has officially announced the launch of a new cloud-based digital workspace, which is designed to particularly address the needs of product development teams. Conceived to transform the way product teams collaborate and communicate with each other, this new workspace brings forth a set of tools that will extend the functionality attached to traditional video calls, thus helping the technology transition into a persistent collaborative environment. You see, up until now, we have had no option but to use a set of videoconferencing tools that make the dialogue and data dissipate as soon as the call is over. However, the all-new CADchat marks a major divergence from the same by retaining every interaction so to turn ephemeral discussions into tangible progress. Make no mistake, already-established tools like Fusion and SOLIDWORKS still remain indispensable for things like their design, but what CADchat does is that it builds upon their value by embedding them within a broader context of team collaboration. Such a move allows not just for the creation but also for the collective refinement of 3D models. Talk about the whole value proposition on a slightly deeper level, we begin from the promise of more immersive meetings. This translates to how one can now host audio and video meetings with enhanced tools like 3D avatars and precision cursors. Next up, we must get into the availability of persistent design reviews. The stated reviews basically enable users to conduct real-time or asynchronous design reviews, and therefore, make it easier for them to collaborate.

“Product development doesn’t end when the meeting does, and neither should the tools we use,” said Graham Bredemeyer, CEO of CADchat. “With CADchat, we are thrilled to offer a platform that not only supports real-time collaboration but also enriches the continuity of teamwork. Our digital workspaces ensure that everything from 3D models to critical feedback remains accessible and interactive long after the calls have ended.”

Moving on to the prospect of interactive feedback, it lets you avail the value on display through the utilization of pinning comments on designs and 3D models. A setup like this one should, on its part, go a long distance especially when the agenda is to ensure clarity and continuity. Markedly enough, the whole mechanism also comes with centralized project management capabilities, capabilities that enable you to keep all project communications, documents, and data in one secure, as well as easily accessible place. Rounding up highlights for us would be the system’s robust security. You see, CADchat arrives on the scene decked up with AES-256 encryption, as well as SOC 2 compliance. To go alongside that, it also empowers users to conduct regular security assessments, and as a result, stay protected against any emerging threats.

Already deployed with a few select organizations, CADchat helped, on one instance, GE Vernova to reduce part and tooling development cycle times from two to three months to as little as one to two weeks, generating an unprecedented improvement of over 90% in efficiency.

“Our goal is to redefine collaboration by maintaining the integrity and continuity of every meeting,” said Bredemeyer. “Think of it as a permanent, virtual conference room, where all of your project-related discussions, decisions, and documents are just a click away.”


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