Making the HRM Space More Habitable for Modern Employees


Paylocity, a leading provider of cloud-based HR and payroll software solutions, has officially announced a set of new innovative features that are all designed to enhance talent acquisition, employee engagement, and retention for the next generation of workers. Talk about the whole value proposition on a slightly deeper level, they begin from a text-scan feature, which basically enables you to apply for jobs by simply scanning QR codes or texting (SMS). For candidates, such a feature, like one might guess, does a lot to accelerate the application process. It also makes employer’s job a lot easier by providing them with key metrics on engagement, visits, applications, rates, and hire data. Joining the same would be a two-way texting functionality that allows applicants to have real-time conversations with potential employers, thus delivering the means to realize quick and direct communication. Next up, we must get into how Paylocity’s seamless integration with LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, and Indeed, makes it possible for candidates to apply for multiple jobs without leaving the job boards. To go with that, the company has also launched new integrations with Gmail and Outlook calendars to provide candidates hassle-free interview scheduling capabilities. Once the interview has been scheduled, recruiters can send calendar invites with meeting links and documents, such as resumes and interview guides. Given the presence of two-way communication, both the parties can also conceive any necessary adjustments to the event. Markedly enough, Paylocity further gives you the option to share your preferred name, ask optional identity questions, or mask information that may promote bias in the hiring process, thus birthing a more inclusive brand of recruitment.

Beyond recruitment, Paylocity’s latest features also dedicate a special amount of focus towards retention. This particular objective provides an interesting follow up to one study by Gallup where it was revealed that all generations, except Baby Boomers, are experiencing overall decreased engagement in post-pandemic years. From the stated lot, younger millennials and Gen Z employees have seen their engagement rates fall by nearly 20%. Hence, in response, Paylocity has introduced Smart Groups, a feature that integrates new and existing employees into teams, thus fostering collaboration and cohesion on an organizational level. Then, there is Paylocity’s Learning Management System (LMS), which brings to the fore comprehensive training for employees. This it delivers alongside various complimentary features, such as peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, video-based training, and self-generated content. As a way of helping the employer gauge how well their retention strategies are doing, Paylocity has even launched an Employee Voice feature which can be used for engagement surveys.

Making the whole thing even better is, of course, that you can access all these features through Paylocity’s #1-rated HR mobile app. To contextualize this particular aspect, we can acknowledge how the stated mobile can help you effortlessly clock in and out, stay current on internal updates posts across Community (Paylocity’s online hub), and submit PTO requests and paycheck details at any time, from anywhere.

“Paylocity clients have seen a 72% growth in the number of Gen Z workers in the last 36 months, making us acutely aware of the shifting dynamics in today’s workforce,” said Steve Beauchamp, co-CEO of Paylocity. “This evolution highlights the growing importance of prioritizing engagement, growth, and retention strategies. Our solutions are designed to meet these changing needs head-on. By fostering continuous development, transparent communication, and a culture of collaboration, our innovative HR platform empowers organizations to adapt, thrive, and retain top talent.”


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