Getting the XR Say on Reworking Your Whole Training and Development Operation


Motive.io, a leading provider of XR training and development solutions, has officially announced a partnership with Innoactive, a pioneer in XR cloud streaming, to launch a groundbreaking technical integration for enhanced training experiences. According to certain reports, the stated integration will combine Motive XMS and Innoactive’s XR CMS to help users access any LMS for the purpose of launching XR training content. Talk about the whole value proposition on a slightly deeper level, we begin from a seamless LMS integration. Here, the idea is to leverage Motive’s XMS Launch Server and help organizations launch training content right from their corporate SCORM or xAPI-based LMS, and that too, without ever needing a plugin. Such a mechanism becomes all the more important for organizations that are required to be more sensitive regarding their security posture than the rest. Moving on, with the need for wider plugins duly eliminated when it comes to launching new training content, the entire setup bases its operation on Motive’s XMS plugin system. In practice, this system allows developers to place Motive XMS alongside other products and technologies, thus providing the necessary tools to connect, manage, and deploy XR training content across platforms. Joining the same would be Innoactive’s XR streaming platform, which arrives on the scene as well-equipped to offer simple access to all of your XR content, and that too, without compromising on visual quality.

“We are excited to partner with Innoactive to deliver this powerful integration,” said Ryan Chapman, CEO of Motive.io. “Our goal has always been to make XR training as accessible and impactful as possible. This integration with Innoactive is an important step towards a broader ecosystem of technologies that help our customers incorporate XR training into their learning programs.”

Having referred to the technologies in play, we must turn our focus towards the kind of benefits we can expect from them. You see, under the stated integration, these technologies should be able to help us achieve a streamlined brand of training deployment. This translates to how organizations can easily integrate XR training into their existing LMS infrastructure, dramatically reducing the time and resources needed for deployment. Then, there is the expectation of an enhanced user experience, an expectation which is aided by the fact that learners can access high-quality XR training content directly from their familiar LMS interface, Such a setup, in turn, should eventually lead to increased engagement and improved learning outcomes. Hold on, we still have a couple of bits left to unpack, considering we still haven’t acknowledged the integration’s ability to support scalable training programs. Owing to that ability, businesses of all sizes can implement and expand their XR training initiatives efficiently. Rounding up highlights would be the integration’s pledge to offer greater business control. This it basically does through CMS features like single sign on, version management, and user management etc.

“Innoactive is dedicated to help enterprises scale VR to their global workforce, so everyone can access VR content with one click,” said Daniel Seidl, CEO of Innoactive. “By joining forces with Motive.io, we can provide an integrated solution that not only enhances the training experience but also simplifies the management and deployment of XR training content.”


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