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Fountain, the leading enterprise platform for frontline workforce management, has officially launched an assortment of products to help companies facilitate hiring, managing, and retaining of frontline workers in a manner that befits their individual goals. According to certain reports, these products include Fountain Assist, Fountain I-9 Center, Fountain Reach, and Fountain Communicate. Starting from Fountain Assist, it basically leverages Fountain’s state-of-the-art AI and automation tools to deliver qualified, interested, and available talent. Enhancing the prospects of this very solution is how it demands no integration whatsoever, meaning users can start operating it in more than one day. Next up, we have Fountain Reach, which is specifically designed to help users divest out of traditional job boards, and instead, dedicate their focus towards new age tools like social media and augmented search engine capabilities. The idea behind preaching such a pivot is to surface hidden talent, and therefore, let employers find the right workers fast. Moving on to Fountain I-9 Center, it is responsible for empowering customers to validate and complete I-9 and W-4 forms with increased accuracy and speed. The solution is able to achieve the same through OCR technology and a user-friendly mobile app.

“The need for a modern, easy-to-use solution for better managing the frontline workforce is evident across economies and industries. These latest products from Fountain—Assist, Reach, I-9 Center, and Communicate—were designed to meet the needs of companies hiring frontline workers at scale, while enabling them to find and retain the best talent to build their business,” said Sean Behr, CEO of Fountain. “At Fountain, we’ve helped hundreds of companies hire millions of workers across the globe, and we’re thrilled to leverage our frontline expertise and expand our products to help businesses onboard talent quickly and ultimately reduce turnover.”

Rounding up highlights for us is the Fountain Communicate solution, which ensures that customers can engage, rather dynamically, with past, present, and future workers using targeted campaigns.

The development in question delivers an intriguing follow-up to the shift we have witnessed across the labor market, especially as far as frontline workers are concerned. This translates to how even though nearly 70% of the global workforce is currently in frontlines roles, there still remain a million more openings, causing a surge in competition among companies looking to hire and retain these workers.

Coming back to the solution, it has already completed its pilot phase, where companies from logistics, healthcare, and retail sectors were successful in using the technology to improve upon their frontline workforce management workflows. An example of the same is concerned with a large global e-commerce company, who used Fountain Assist and clocked a 100% improvement in their interview no-show rate, and that too, in just two weeks of implementing the tool. Another example would involve one of the largest grocery retailers in US, who saw its applicant volume rise almost three times with Assist.

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