Bringing both Scalability and Personalization in Organizational Learning to Bolster Career Development


Interplay Learning, the leading provider of immersive skilled trades training, has officially announced the launch of an immersive career development platform called Interplay Enterprise, which is designed to help organizations improve upon the skills of their entire workforce, streamline operations, and improve retention. Working towards an overarching aim of simplifying career development, the stated solution delivers company-wide learning through nearly 500 hours of on-demand skilled trade courses, industry certification prep courses, learning paths, and 3D/VR simulations crafted by industry experts. The idea behind leveraging VR and simulation-based training is to ensure a safe and immersive environment, and therefore, more effectively enhance knowledge retention, engagement, and skill-building. Next up, we must get into the product’s dedicated content manager tool that enables trainers and administrators to include bonus courses in regards to topics like leadership, management, compliance, ethics, and more, all achievable through a simple process of uploading SCORM-compliant course packages, videos, and documents. Not just that, one can also bank upon the given content manager to build content, quizzes, and custom learning paths tailored as per the diverse training needs of their workforce, while simultaneously managing and tracking in-person classroom training. Then, there is the prospect of making lightwork of onboarding and user management with well over 60 pre-built HR systems integrations and automated assignments for courses, paths, and due dates.

“Interplay’s all-in-one platform allows us to track progress, identify areas for improvement, and provide scaffolded support to meet techs where they are to help them succeed,” said Andrew Hasty, director of learning and development at Peterman Brothers Heating, Cooling & Plumbing. “We’re strategically aligning Interplay’s platform to our paths of progression and career development initiatives. Our goal is to identify learning gaps and provide targeted interventions that support each technician’s unique journey.”

Joining the given features would be a suite of measurement, reporting, and AI-based recommendation tools, including skills assessments and insights dashboards. These tools basically take powerful data from Interplay’s career development platform before integrating it into other software systems for analysis and reporting, optimizing training performance, and inspiring learners to build the safety and accuracy skills they need to reach the next level. We briefly touch on Interplay Enterprise’s customized learning paths, but what we still haven’t acknowledged is how you can do that by bringing into fray your company’s values, employer strategy, and approach to working. Another detail we are yet to discuss in this regard would be the way users can also put in place their own brand logos and colors to further personalize the experience.

Hold on, there is more, considering we are still yet to touch on Interplay Enterprise’s convenience and compatibility aspect. Such an aspect reveals itself once you consider how the solution comes decked up with flexibility and mobile compatibility so to maximize accessibility for on-the-go workers. Rounding up highlights is going to be the platform’s world-class enterprise service and support, where you have Interplay Learning acting as a strategic partner for career development consulting, implementation, insights, and U.S.-based assistance.

“The latest evolution of our industry-leading solution allows organizations to simplify career development, scale their training, and succeed in building a strong, skilled workforce,” said Doug Donovan, CEO and founder of Interplay Learning. “With Interplay Enterprise, companies can provide safe, effective online training for all employees in one centralized learning space. They are not only able to apply Interplay’s proven trades training content, but they can also manage, track, upload, and create their own training — all within our career development platform.

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