Using Simulation to Train Your Workforce for a Better Real-World Performance


Throughout our history, human beings have gone out and achieved a host of different things, and yet none can beat how we have achieved growth on a consistent basis. This progressive approach, on our part, has already fetched the world some huge milestones, with technology appearing as a rather unique member of the group. The reason why technology’s credentials are so anomalous is purposed around its skill-set, which was unprecedented enough to realize all the possibilities for us that we couldn’t have imagined otherwise. Nevertheless, a closer look should be able to reveal how the whole runner was also very much inspired by the way we applied those skills across a real-world environment. The latter component was, in fact, what gave the creation a spectrum-wide presence and made it the ultimate centerpiece of every horizon. Now, having such a powerful tool run the show did expand our experience in many different directions, but even after reaching so far ahead, this prodigious concept called technology will somehow keep on delivering the right goods. The same has grown to become a lot more evident in recent times, and assuming one new HRM-themed development pans out just like we envision, it will only propel that trend towards greater heights over the near future and beyond.

CM Labs Solutions has officially announced a plan to debut new training solutions for organizations, employers, and line worker schools to address workforce safety, training, and recruitment issues. Set for a launch at Utility Expo 2023, September 26-28, Louisville, Kentucky, the solutions will leverage the company’s Smart Training Technology, which is built on a collection of proprietary and patented algorithms. These algorithms are further supported by real data and authentic machine behavior that interacts with their environment and materials just as it does in the real world. Talk about the new solutions in a bit more detail, though, we begin from simulation training for a wheeled excavator. Here, the focus is likely to be on enhancing situational awareness, while simultaneously bringing down the risk quotient that is otherwise present in spades across a dense urban environment. To support this particular effort, CM Labs will also provide participants a training pack made up of heavy-duty bucket and narrow tiltrotator with live attachment change exercise. This pack joins plenty other earthmoving and lifting simulation training packs already available in the company’s suite including Digger Derrick, Boom Truck, Telehandler, Compact Track Loader, Rough Terrain Crane, Backhoe, Forklift, and more.  Anyway, next up, we must acknowledge how the training program will also prepare you to conduct an extensive inspection of the excavator. The idea is to help participants become better at identifying any potential issue within the equipment, considering such a piece of information can go a long way when it comes to easing the always-prevalent jobsite safety concerns.

“With the ongoing need for qualified labor, now, more than ever before, CM Labs’ customers need the best possible operator learning outcomes,” said Lisa Barbieri, VP of marketing and strategic relations at CM Labs Solutions. “The ultra realism of our simulation and advanced reporting insights will future-proof Utility training programs and recruitment needs by addressing long-term training needs.”

Hold on, we aren’t done yet. Another detail worth a mention about CM Labs’ latest initiative would be how it supports the training program through a dedicated instructor operator station. You see, this operator station will have the necessary means to let trainers monitor, assess and engage trainees via tablet or single workstation, personalized learning paths, updated metrics reporting, as well as new administrator functionalities, therefore instantly scaling up the training quality which is expected to be on show.

“Our simulations ensure training teams have the flexibility to mobilize line workers efficiently. With hot swappable controls, and quick jump starts between all simulated equipment, there is less time away from the worksite and no need to take equipment off contracts,” said Davis Siu, product manager at CM Labs Solutions. “The authentic replication of equipment and simulated risky situations means line operators can train for safety, in safety.”

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