Using an Up-and-Coming Talent Development Mechanism to Build a Growth-oriented Culture


ServiceNow has officially announced the launch of new AI-powered capabilities that are all designed to help the company’s proprietary platform, Talent Development, in improving employee experiences, supercharging talent development, and optimizing in-person work. Now, while the Talent Development platform already uses AI to identify skill gaps and recommend relevant trainings and growth opportunities for employees, the update in question expands upon those features to better understand skills and support internal mobility, while simultaneously improving upon the mentoring facility. Talk about the whole value proposition on a slightly deeper level, we begin from a lowdown on organizational skills, now available in the company’s original workflow. This involves giving managers a comprehensive view of team skills directly across the tools they’re already using. In practice, the feature would curate comprehensive insights so to empower managers to understand team strengths, spot any skills gaps that might be there, and assess how employee skills align with jobs and work. Not just that, you can also leverage the newly-introduced function to review skills proficiencies and activities related to skills development. Such a setup, like one might guess, should do a lot to supplement several important actions, including assigning of work to the right team members based on their strengths, hiring for relevant skills, and recommending trainings that actively support team development.

Almost like an extension of the same, the update also brings to the fore an opportunity marketplace, which uses AI algorithms to match employees with internal jobs that are aligned with their skills, aspirations, and preferences, thus promoting employee engagement and retention. On top of it, the stated feature will save time and effort for users when searching internal recruiting platforms. Moving on, employee can also search for specific job type and location.

“To win as a business, leaders know they must commit to the development, growth, and well-being of their people,” said Jacqui Canney, chief people officer at ServiceNow. “Giving employees the tools to develop high-demand skills will unlock greater career advancement opportunities, while driving stronger innovation and long-term business success. The power of AI not only helps employees learn and grow with personalized experiences, but it also allows them to focus on work that is fundamentally human. And AI-powered solutions give leaders and organizations actionable insights to propel the business and develop their people.”

Then, there is prospect of mentoring where the Talent Development platform can now suggest mentors based on employees’ skills, preferences, and expertise. Simplifying the very process of finding mentors and adding mentorship activities to growth plans, the feature has in store these easy-to-use scheduling tools that facilitate continuous engagement between mentors and mentees. Finally, we must get into the brand-new Now Assist chatbot for HR service delivery, a chatbot which banks upon generative AI to answer and act on questions related to talent development. Interestingly, the presence of a GenAI angle also provides users with direct, personalized, and contextual responses to talent development, workplace, and HR questions. By doing so, it drastically improves upon employee self-service, and at the same time, cuts back on organizational costs. More on the chatbot would reveal how it is easily accessible through chat, mobile, search, and other channels.

ServiceNow also took this opportunity to introduce enhancements for its Workspace Service Delivery solution. The given enhancements include again a chat-based concierge experience that automates common workplace requests, such as finding available space within an office, booking rooms or desks, and even recommending which days to go into the office. Apart from that, the product will leverage new integrations with Metrikus, VergeSense, IAdea, and Embrava to achieve even more intelligence moving forward.


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