Using AI to Orchestrate a Much-Needed Productivity Lift


DataRobot, the leading AI platform at the forefront of value-driven AI innovation, has officially announced a partnership with Nvidia, a partnership which will supplement the former’s AI solutions with NVIDIA technology so to offer users world-class performance, security and efficiency across the full AI lifecycle. According to certain reports, the stated integration will help users in three different aspects i.e. operate AI, govern AI, and build AI. If we talk about operating AI first, it will reveal how the integration will deploy fully-configured generative AI models with NVIDIA NIM microservices, microservices that are designed to accelerate the deployment of generative AI across the cloud, data center, and workstations. Once deployed, these models will help businesses achieve peak performance, security, and scalability with pre-built model container microservices in the DataRobot AI Platform. Not just that, such a setup will also make it possible for you to accelerate deployment, replacement, and monitoring of deep learning and LLM models on any cloud or on premises, thus bringing GPU-powered infrastructure to the environment that fits a business needs. Complimenting the same is how one can also run commercial and open-source LLMs natively on NVIDIA Triton Inference Server. Next up, we have the prospect of governing AI. Here, the integration basically enables you to monitor and moderate LLMs with DataRobot custom metrics and NVIDIA NeMo Guardrails. You see, by applying NVIDIA NeMo Guardrails to DataRobot LLM blueprints, one can place models against the established safety and security benchmarks, or modify and combine the same models with DataRobot’s custom metrics to support exact monitoring needs.

“Organizations across industries are eager to quickly and safely deliver on AI investments with tangible, real-world value,” said Venky Veeraraghavan, Chief Product Officer at DataRobot. “Combining DataRobot’s full AI lifecycle platform and NVIDIA’s accelerated AI computing software stack and unique optimization technology, this collaboration brings together cutting-edge capabilities to enable organizations to rapidly build, confidently operate and govern AI solutions at scale to drive transformative business impact.”

Rounding up highlights is the option of building AI. To reach the stated objective, the integration will let you leverage best-in-class LLMs like NVIDIA Nemotron-3-8B LLMs, and therefore, realize generative AI applications that are uniquely tuned for an organization. As a way of supporting the same, users can also come in expecting visibility and performance needed to conceive the most optimal solution for their customers. Furthermore, they can use Nvidia RAPIDS libraries within DataRobot Notebooks to scale up end-to-end AI and data processing pipelines. This involves using a full suite of GPU-accelerated data science and AI libraries to facilitate development for various use cases.

“Generative AI applications are key to helping businesses boost productivity with unprecedented personalization, product development and operations optimization,” said Anne Hecht, Senior Director of AI Software at NVIDIA. “DataRobot’s integrations with NVIDIA technology enhances productivity for practitioners and developers by reducing LLM deployment times from weeks to just a few minutes, maximizing inference performance efficiency and supercharging production AI for customers.”

These new functionalities will, of course, join DataRobot’s vast existing knowhow. The stated knowhow markedly reveals itself once you consider that organizations which embraced its technology were able to accelerate deployment by almost 83%, while simultaneously lowering their cost by 80%. On top of it, they also achieved a 4.6X return on their investment. The company’s excellence in what it does is only validated further by a clientele, which includes Warner Bros, Mars, Carter, Boston Children Hospital, and many others.

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