Trusting a More Humane Approach to Aid Our CSR Effort


bswift, a leading employee benefits technology and administration provider, has officially announced the launch of a new AI assistant called Emma Copilot, which is designed to blend artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities with human insight to provide a more personalized, efficient, and empathetic service experience. Talk about the whole value proposition on a slightly deeper level, we begin from the personalization aspect. Here, the idea is to get the assistant to leverage a comprehensive database of benefits data and customer histories, all for the purpose of offering individualized insights that, in turn, empower CSRs to anticipate and customize their service as per the needs of each customer. Next up, we must get into Emma’s ability to deliver proactive issue resolution. This involves anticipating potential concerns before they turn into something bigger so to ensure that customers receive comprehensive service in every case. Having referred to a top notch brand of service, Emma pursues the same by also equipping every CSR with AI-enhanced insights, thus conceiving a well-informed experience for each customer.

“bswift is doubling down on offering a customer service model with real humans at the center,” said Eric Strom, SVP of Service Center at bswift. “With Emma Co-Pilot, we’re not just improving response times or resolution rates; we’re fundamentally changing how our CSRs interact with customers. By augmenting their human expertise with AI, we’re enabling CSRs to deliver service that’s not only efficient but also deeply personal and empathetic.”

bswift’s Emma has already been deployed at a few select locations, where it was able to solve a hugely encouraging 86% of all issues in the first call itself. To put things into context, the industry-average for this particular metric is no more than 70%. Furthermore, another detail worth a mention here would be how the AI assistant succeeded in answering 87% of the questions without any human intervention at all. In case the stated fact doesn’t sound like enough, available details indicate that bswift’s CSRs managed to land a 94% employee satisfaction rating, and it did so against the average US customer satisfaction score of 77%.

Founded back in 1996, bswift’s stems from its cloud-based technology and services that transform the way employees perceive and engage with their benefits. In practice, the company realizes that goal through solutions rooted in COBRA & FSA Administration, Health & Benefits Exchanges, ACA Compliance, Billing & Reconciliation, Defined Contribution, Dependent Eligibility Verification, EDI & Web Services, Retirees, Total Comp, and more. The company’s excellence in what it does can be understood once you consider that it has, so far, served more than 16 million lives, with the feat made only more impressive by its 98% client retention rate.

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