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Human beings have proven themselves to be good at many different things, and yet there remains very little that we do better than improving at a consistent clip. This tendency to grow, no matter the situation, has empowered the world to hit upon some huge milestones, with technology emerging as a rather unique member of the group. The reason why technology’s credentials are so anomalous is centered on its skill-set, which was unprecedented enough to realize all the possibilities for us that we couldn’t have imagined otherwise. Nevertheless, a closer look should be able to reveal how the whole runner was also very much inspired by the way we applied those skills across a real world environment. The latter component was, in fact, what gave the creation a spectrum-wide presence and made it the ultimate centerpiece of every horizon. Now, having such a powerful tool run the show did expand our experience in various different directions, but even after reaching so far ahead, this prodigious concept called technology will somehow keep on delivering the goods. The same has grown to become a lot more evident in recent times, and assuming one new HRM-themed development shakes out just like we envision, it will only propel that trend towards greater heights over the near future and beyond.

Envoy, a San Francisco-based company best-known for transforming modern workplaces, has officially launched two new solutions i.e. Envoy Workplace and Envoy Workplace Occupancy Analytics. Starting from Envoy Workplace, the stated product is designed to take on those longstanding issues of poor employee experience, fragmented data, and the high cost of operating inefficient hybrid workplaces. But how does it plan on solving these problems? Well, by leveraging a set of highly-collaborative tools, Envoy Workplace will try and simplify your day-to-day operations. This includes hybrid work scheduling, delivery management, meeting room and desk booking (permanent assignments and hoteling), and other similar tasks. Almost as an extension to that capability, the solution also lets you create an automated office which can reserve desks automatically and release or resize meeting rooms based on attendance. Anyway, next up, Envoy Workplace further has the means to ban on Envoy’s mobile app for helping people stay connected to their workplace, coordinate schedules, and basically do everything that can take their day’s agenda a step closer to completion. Interestingly enough, the new HRM solution also delivers at your disposal the option of using workplace ticketing to report any grievances, customizable office maps to locate departments, colleagues, and do plenty more stuff within their workplace. Rounding off the features is a newly-added functionality to send out announcements directly through the Envoy app.

“We want to give leaders the power to make bigger, bolder decisions about their company’s future. With the recent increasing shift to more in-office work, the world’s top companies are struggling to confidently report exactly how it’s going,” said Larry Gadea, Founder and CEO at Envoy. “This need for all-encompassing accuracy is what led us to build Envoy Workplace and advanced occupancy analytics.

Now, onto Envoy’s workplace analytics solution, it is industry’s first unified workplace occupancy analytics solution, which captures data from multiple sources to enhance a business’ knowhow regarding the status of its workforce. Going by the available details, the solution can capture data from door access scans, WiFi, and employee app sign-ins. Once collected, this data is then converted into meaningful, and also digestible, insights that come in handy during a pursuit of taking productivity-centered, while simultaneously cost-saving decisions.

“We work in a hybrid environment where there is less consistency in attendance throughout the week. With so much variability, it’s difficult to know how to improve efficiency in order to save critical budget,” said Brooks Gooding, workplace experience program manager at Braze. “By seeing both a real time and historical view, we already know considerably more about how our spaces are used. This helps us make informed, and potentially cost-saving adjustments, when ordering food, scheduling events, or allocating space.”

Although the solution has just arrived on the deck, Envoy has already started the work to make the stated analytics more expansive, and it will do so by offering a similar lowdown for a host of critical tasks, such as benchmarking, move management capabilities, and workplace scenario planning.

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