Honing Up the Knowhow on Identity Management to Mitigate Threats


Constella Intelligence has officially announced the launch of a groundbreaking Advanced Know Your Employee (KYE) solution, which is designed to address a pressing need of advanced internal identity risk and threat management across the HRM space. Arriving on the scene with unparalleled visibility into internal risks and threats, the stated solution delivers on its promise by placing a cutting-edge ID Fusion AI profiling engine right alongside the world’s most extensive data lake, a data lake which has over 1 trillion recaptured assets sourced from the surface, deep, and dark web. The result is a mechanism well-equipped to identify synthetic identities and other internal identity risks more accurately than any other alternative currently available on the market. Talk about the whole value proposition on a slightly deeper level, it begins from bleeding-edge insider monitoring capabilities that can help you identify and address potential threats arising from fraudulent or criminal activity through continuous, comprehensive scanning. This includes mitigating risky activities perpetrated by millions of digital fraudsters, including hackers, information sellers, and money launderers.

Next up, we must get into the solution’s contractor and portfolio monitoring feature where users can practically safeguard their investments, as well as supply chain integrity, through ongoing insights into contractor activities. Then, there is fraudulent employee provisioning which makes a point to enhance traditional background checks by uncovering potential risk factors that may have been inaccessible through public and credit data alone.

“In the wake of escalating cyber threats and the rapid shift to remote work, Constella’s Advanced KYE solution emerges as a critical response to the heightened demand for robust internal identity risk management,” said Chris Kissel, IDC Research Vice President of Security & Trust at Constella. “Constella’s innovative approach promises a new level of visibility into internal threats in an age where data security is paramount, helping to fortify organizational resilience and ensuring peace of mind for stakeholders at every level.”

Moving on to Constella’s synthetic and fake identity detection functionality, it has its utility rooted in leveraging the company’s proprietary ID Fusion engine for the purpose of discovering synthetic and fake identities crafted especially to deceive and exploit organizations.

“Constella’s Advanced KYE represents a paradigm shift in internal identity risk management,” said Kevin Senator, CEO at Constella. “Amid today’s complex and ever-evolving cyber threat landscape, Constella remains committed to equipping organizations with the cutting-edge tools they need to fortify their digital assets and combat internal threats with precision and confidence.”

Operating out of Redwood City, California, Constella’s rise stems from its ability to provide Al-driven identity risk, and deep and dark web intelligence for applications like identity theft, insider risk, Know Your Employee (KYE), and deep OSINT investigations. The company’s excellence in what it does can also be understood once you consider how it has, at the moment, more than one trillion attributes stretched across 125 different countries. On top of that, these attributes are also available in 53 unique languages.

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