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Smartsheet, the enterprise work management platform, has officially confirmed general availability of its AI and resource management features that are known for offering actionable analysis, insights, and enhanced visibility for enterprises. Integrated into the Smartsheet platform, these features work by removing operational complexities so to help enterprises comprehend, visualize, and analyze their work management data, extract meaningful insights from the same, and therefore, understand the trajectory of various tasks. Talk about the whole value proposition on a slightly deeper level, the update in question will, for starters, allow users to analyze data via simple conversational prompts like, “How many programs were over budget last month in each department?” This, in turn, should generate metrics or visual charts based on customers’ data in Smartsheet. Having made Smartsheet the first ever work management platform with the ability to generate charts from sheet data using AI, the stated feature will only get better moving forward with a facility to derive insights from across thousands of active projects and data stores. Next up, users of Smartsheet platform can now further expect to create specialized formulas to drive processes and automation. This basically touches on how they can leverage simple, natural language description of their objective to power the relevant work at scale. Keeping the trend alive, Smartsheet is again the only collaborative work management platform with a truly integrated AI formula builder.

“Smartsheet AI tools have significantly boosted our productivity, proving to be an indispensable tool for many Smartsheet users, including our team. Our Smartsheet experts, who frequently develop complex solutions for clients, often grapple with intricate formulas that can be time-consuming to troubleshoot,” said Emmanuel Santiago-Ríos, President and Co-Founder of SoltechPR and Smartsheet partner. “Previously, we could spend countless hours each month debugging these formulas to identify and correct errors. However, the advent of the new AI tools has revolutionized this process.”

Joining the mix would be a pair of new workload tracking features in Workload Heatmap and Workload Schedule. Although slightly different in what they bring to the table, both these tools help managers better understand who is working on what, address over-allocations, and make informed staffing decisions. Then, there is the prospect of automating resource management data. You see, up until now, organizations have struggled rather immensely against a lack of visibility into how people are being deployed from utilization rates to capacity versus demand. Fortunately enough, Smartsheet customers, who happen to be using Business and Enterprise plans, can soon access a Resource Management by Smartsheet solution, which is specifically designed to help them organize their resource data in a Smartsheet report and display the relevant insights on dashboards, improving visibility and decision-making.

“Previously, we were using several disparate tools and our data was spread across them, making it difficult to measure our impact. We chose Smartsheet for its flexibility, seamless integration with Tableau dashboards, and corporate-level IT-approved status,” said Jeff Kratz, Vice President of Worldwide Public Sector Industry Sales at AWS

Among other details, we must mention how the update in question will enable users to unlock new ways of visualizing data. This it will do through a new Timeline View functionality, which can help you enjoy a big-picture look into date-based work. Complimenting the same is an option to organize data into visual groups by, let’s say, assignee or status, or surface big milestones, thus simplifying the process of revealing key dates. Finally, the users can come expecting to create and summarize text, something the Smartsheet solution will approach by interpreting customers’ data and objectives before crafting clear and tailored text, such as summaries, translations, or new ad copy.

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