Enlisting Simplicity to Enhance the Viability of Labor Acquisition


StaffWerk has officially announced the launch of a brand-new temporary/ongoing staffing app, which is designed to transform the way businesses fulfill their immediate labor needs. Available for Android and iOS devices, the stated app leverages personal connections to more effectively connect talented workers with exceptional companies. In this process, the solution ends up covering a wide assortment of positions, including openings for Cooks, Servers, Bartenders, Cashiers, Housekeepers, Dishwashers, Brand Ambassadors, Patient Transporters, Janitorial, and Floor Techs, among others. Markedly enough, even when a position has been filled, the platform can come in handy to help workers achieve stress-free timekeeping for accurate pay, while simultaneously empowering employers to have clear insights on work hours. The latter bit is crucial because of the way it can simplify payments. Anyway, talk about the whole value proposition on a slightly deeper level, we begin from the app’s geofencing capabilities that basically establish virtual zones for accurately tracking workers’ locations. This involves showing them exactly where to be and facilitating a streamlined brand of clock-in and clock-out on an organizational level. Next up, we have the prospect of flexible shifts, a prospect which reveals itself once you consider how users can quickly document staff events by posting details of shifts and finding the best workers for the job in no time.

“StaffWerk is fostering strong relationships with business partners and today’s workforce,” said Derek L. Rippy, CEO of StaffWerk. “We help elevate the hiring experience by partnering with companies to find the right Werkers in a flexible, efficient and expeditious manner. Our clients include a large variety of industries, including Hospitality, Retail, Healthcare, Catering, Sporting Venues, Conventions, and Universities, to name a few.”

Moving on to the new app’s local human support mechanism, it packs together a dedicated customer support team to make sure that Clients and Werkers receive timely and effective solutions without facing the frustration of automated responses. Hold on, there are still a few bits left to unpack, considering we haven’t touched on the facility to invite associates. You see, the value of such facility can be availed by banking upon it to invite supervisors, and therefore, manage shifts and handle information together. We also haven’t touched on the fact that users can effortlessly track their shift history. The idea behind doing so, like you might have guessed, is rooted in generating optimal transparency, as well as delivering trust and accurate pay. Not just track your shift, though, you can also expect the means to actively create your schedule. This is made possible through a specialized job board which is updated consistently to conceive a rather uninterrupted access of diverse shift opportunities. Finally, there is the promise of a streamlined check-in where, for instance, we have suitable parking options displayed, along with check-in locations to let workers arrive at work without any hassle whatsoever.

“To quote Steve Jobs, ‘The only way to do great work is to love what you do,’ ” said Rippy.”We hope StaffWerk is the first step to landing that perfect job and welcoming people to work with just a few taps in the app! We’re here to help Werkers earn extra income and hone skills.”


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