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Eptura, the global worktech leader, has officially released an assortment of capabilities that are all designed to help organizations navigate challenges associated with managing people, workplaces, and assets. Talk about these capabilities on a slightly deeper level, we begin from the promise of enhanced asset maintenance connectivity, a promise where employees can now submit maintenance requests directly through the applications they already use. This Eptura has made possible by integrating front of house workspace or meeting room booking app together with the back of house maintenance work order system, therefore connecting departments quickly even with reduced in-office maintenance staff and many employees on hybrid schedules. Next up, must get into how, owing to the stated development, users can now find assets on digital maps and floorplan views. Such a feature eliminates wasted technician time that would have been spent trying to locate assets to service or repair. Then, there is the prospect of smarter workplace collaboration. In the given pursuit, Eptura enables employees to leverage AI and personalized suggestions for the purpose of reaching upon an ideal workplace. For instance, in practice, this involves simplifying workspace reservation process by automatically identifying and allocating suitable desk space based on employee requirements or preferences.

Furthermore, a bid to simplify things is also evident in the context of workspace check-in. You see, one can use badge swipe data at the point of entry to identify presence and check people into reserved workspaces, Put that alongside the intelligent booking functionality and you have a system which can create a reservation on the employee’s behalf right when they swipe in, removing the need to find a space by doing so. Joining the same would be an option to sync those space bookings with Microsoft Calendar. Such an option makes it possible for us to stay up to date, create more predictability when planning future space needs, as well as prevent conflicts over workspace. Almost like an extension of that, the update in question also brings you the means to avail multi-room bookings with Microsoft Calendar. This reflects the feature allowing employees and admins to reserve multiple meeting spaces across floors, buildings, or locations from a single Microsoft Outlook calendar event. Another detail worth a mention here is rooted in the way you can set meeting room or desk reservations to reoccur. On top of that, organizations can also modify rooms and make sure that every meeting is set up for best outcomes from the web or on the go through the mobile app. More on the workspace utilization will reveal the presence of advanced analytics hybrid work dashboards that are in place to let you analyze working styles, remote work distribution, and workplace attendance. Once the analysis is done, you can use the results to optimize hybrid strategies based on employee preferences and daily, weekly, and monthly space utilization trends,

Hold on, there is more, considering we still haven’t discussed the way users can comply U.S. federal regulations with Eptura’s FedRAMP In Process designation. Markedly enough, the stated factor is only helped by the company’s history of working secure high-side networks for various government agencies. Making the security aspect even stronger is, of course, the option to specify rules as per visitor type. This basically means one can create customized experiences, procedures, access, and documentation for specific visitor types, such as guests, contractors, clients, and suppliers. Staying on the point of visitor management, you can also admit visitors via Microsoft Outlook to notify participants, allow external attendees to pre-register for their visit, and maintain an active log of anticipated and actual building guests.

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