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Envoy, the only integrated workplace platform that connects people, spaces, and data, has officially announced the launch of several new capabilities that are designed to provide contextual space utilization insights and a streamlined workplace design, all for conceiving a successful return to office (RTO). Talk about these capabilities on a slightly deeper level, they begin from data-enriched workplace maps that enable admins to access attendance and space utilization insights, while simultaneously editing or creating a workplace map. These insights are likely to include employee attendance averages, seat assignments, and usage rates of rooms and desks. Using that data, Envoy can greatly inform your decisions when it comes to optimizing scenario planning. Furthermore, one can also leverage computer vision AI here to detect and place multiple seats, confirm bulk placement, and decide how desks are numbered before adding them to a workplace map. Next up, we have a prospect attached to dynamic rightsizing of office resources, something which again involves applying comprehensive analytics to generate recommendations regarding right-size of resources, such as desks and meeting rooms, based on meeting attendance. Moving on, the development in question has also dedicated a capability towards passive data capture. You see, by passively importing attendance data in real time via Wi-Fi and door access integrations even in multi-vendor environments, users should be able to automate their data capture processes, and therefore, avoid having employees to manually sign in through an app. Not just convenient, such a functionality also promises to deliver information that overcomes the very limitations that are faced by, let’s say, your traditional desk-centric metrics.

“Envoy’s workplace management platform has been a game-changer for optimizing employee experience and measuring in-office success,” said Andrei Pop, Corporate Real Estate Systems Operator at Flutter. “Before, we were manually tracking space utilization, visitor management and attendance across multiple sites. Collecting and aggregating the data was incredibly time-consuming. Now, with Envoy’s data and automation, we can not only see how our space is being used, but also automate workflows for employees and visitors from entry to exit, freeing up valuable time and resources. This automation is key to meeting the high expectations of today’s workforce.”

Rounding up the highlights would be an upgrade realized across attendance reporting. Here, you can now access a specialized occupancy dashboard, which delivers at your disposal a deeper understanding of employee attendance trends so to facilitate more strategic space and resource planning. Joining the same would be an option to reference Envoy data for a more granular understanding of when and how employees are checking in onsite in one or multiple locations. Interestingly, employees can also monitor their own attendance data in the Envoy app.

The development in question follows up on an Envoy “Future of the Workplace” industry report, which revealed how 96% of the surveyed companies have now returned to the office with some regularity. Complimenting this report is a separate set of findings where we learned that organizations with high workspace utilization have 38% better employee retention and 24% improved revenue growth compared to those with low engagement metrics.

“The discussion about whether or not to return to office is over,” said Larry Gadea, Founder and CEO at Envoy. “Most high-performing companies who have leaned into the difficult conversation about how to balance company objectives and employee preferences have come back three to five days a week. We understand that this transition is delicate and we’re committed to building solutions that are helpful to both companies and their employees as they navigate their way to competitive success.”


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