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The human arsenal has proven to possess all sorts of valuable elements, and yet it has never possessed anything more valuable than that tendency of ours to grow on a consistent basis. This is mainly because the stated tendency has gone on to fetch us some huge milestones, with technology emerging as quite a major member of the group. Talk about why we hold technology in such an esteemed regard, the answer touches upon its skill-set before it covers anything else. Nevertheless, a closer look should reveal how the whole runner was also very much inspired by the way we applied those skills across a real-world environment. The latter component, in fact, did a lot to give the creation a spectrum-wide presence, and as a result, start what was a full-fledged tech revolution. Of course, this revolution then successfully scaled up the human experience from all conceivable directions, but even after achieving such a monumental feat, technology will somehow continue to deliver the goods. The same, if anything, has turned more evident in recent times, and assuming a new partnership works out just like envisioned, it will only make that trend bigger and better moving forward.

Enboarder, a leading employee communication and workflow platform, has officially signed off on a partnership with Equifax Workforce Solutions, to improve HR compliance management for its clients and empower them in terms of realizing a more connected employee onboarding experience. Under the agreed terms, Equifax Workforce Solutions will provide dedicated services to all Enboarder customers through a direct integration within the latter’s platform. This should, on a practical note, optimally position the user to comply with federal, state, and county regulations, as well as access that much-needed human connection during the core onboarding process. But what actionable services users can really expect from such a partnership? For the first phase of integration, the beneficiaries are likely to receive I-9 Management and Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) management services from Equifax. Now, while the I-9 Management will make it possible for new hires to complete their USCIS Form I-9 from anywhere in the world and through any device, the WOTC Management service will play a critical role for the companies that are trying to identify more WOTC-eligible employees and capture more tax credits. It must be noted, though, that the partners do plan on expanding the service line-up sooner rather than later.

“People expect their digital interactions to be fast, simple and easy,” said Joe Muchnick, Senior Vice President of Employer Services and Talent Solutions at Equifax Workforce Solutions. “That’s why this partnership is a natural fit: it helps HR leaders more seamlessly deliver an industry-leading I-9 and WOTC experience from Equifax through the Enboarder platform that their companies are already using. That means an enhanced employee experience – and a reduced administrative burden on HR.”

Founded in 2015, Enboarder has quickly made a name for itself by letting companies create better connections throughout an employee’s journey. Another thing worth mentioning here is how the company has got organizations of literally all sizes to achieve the stated goal. This versatility is what would allow Enboarder to land bigshot clients like McDonalds, Hugo Boss, ING, Eventbrite, and many more. Given the consumer-centric nature of its latest partnership, the company will now look at making that list more esteemed than ever before.

“The ability to create strong, authentic connections among employees is the foundation of success for any business and it starts with the onboarding journey,” said Brent Pearson, founder and CEO of Enboarder. “Through our partnership with Equifax, our customers can more easily manage the historically time-consuming and paperwork-heavy side of onboarding, allowing them to focus more on what matters most: helping new hires build relationships and a support network from day one.”

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