A People-first Approach to Clock Better Alignment at Work


Zensai, a company preveously known as LM365, has officially announced the launch of an industry-first Human Success Platform, which is a comprehensive suite of AI-powered talent development applications designed to help people and businesses tap into their full potential. According to certain reports, the stated suite will unlock access to a set of talent development tools that bring together enhanced performance management, deep employee engagement, and an advanced learning environment, to optimize performance like never before. But how is that going to look on a more practical note? Well, spread across three unique applications i.e. Learn365 (previously LMS365), Engage365, and Perform365, the stated suite begins by leveraging AI to promote mastery. This translates to how users can supercharge individual growth, accelerate onboarding, and streamline compliance. The idea here is to make your workforce a master in their unique skillset and talents, and therefore, encourage specialization at every level. Next up, we must get into the development’s promise of helping you learn in the flow of work. To achieve the same, the stated suite will make performance conversations a part of workplace culture. Further helping every single employee feel valued and engaged in their work, Zensai’s latest brainchild makes a point to facilitate individual progression across the board.

“Building a motivated and future-ready workforce is the number one priority for businesses everywhere and we’ve quickly shifted from focusing on people as resources, to focusing on giving people a better environment, to focusing on investing in their growth and development. It’s not about kombucha on tap and free pizza nights anymore, it’s about creating an environment where employees have the skills and tools they need to be successful,” said Rasmus Holst, CEO of Zensai.

Rounding up highlights for us would the new suite’s commitment towards aligned performance. Markedly enough, the alignment in question is to come from daily check-ins, real-time feedback, and AI-powered insights that will speak directly to each employee, while simultaneously providing clear goals and the guidance to achieve them.

Zensai’s decision to launch a brand-new suite delivers a rather interesting follow to Gallup’s latest employee engagement survey, which revealed that a lack of engagement at work may cost the economy $2 trillion as employees deal with unclear expectations and weak connections to their employer’s mission. Another thing it follows up on, though, Zensai’s own growth over the recent period. You see, in 2023 alone, the company grew by more than 50%. As a result, Zensai has today well over 2 million users across 2,000 companies worldwide. This, of course, only builds upon the company’s wider track record in revolutionizing employee development, engagement, and performance management across 60+ countries throughout the globe. In case that doesn’t sound like much, then we must take into account how the likes of Pepsi, Microsoft Hesse Lignal, Bossard, Warrior Centric Health, and many others trust Zensai when it comes to the getting the most out of their workforce.

“Having spent nearly three decades at Microsoft, it didn’t take long for me to see the immediate impact Zensai’s Human Success platform brings to Microsoft 365 customers and partners worldwide. With a deep-rooted passion for employee motivation, workplace culture and personal well-being, Zensai is on its way to creating an entirely new product category designed to empower and transform traditional Human Resources as we know it,” said Dave Willis, a member of Zensai’s Board of Directors.


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