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The reach of human arsenal goes beyond every idea or expectation one might have from it, but at the same time, there is nothing more significant about it than our ability to grow on a consistent basis. We say this because the stated ability has already fetched the world some huge milestones, with technology appearing as a rather unique member of the group. The reason why technology’s credentials are so anomalous is purposed around its skill-set, which was unprecedented enough to realize all the possibilities for us that we couldn’t have imagined otherwise. Nevertheless, a closer look should be able to reveal how the whole runner was also very much inspired by the way we applied those skills across a real-world environment. The latter component was, in fact, what gave the creation a spectrum-wide presence and made it the ultimate centerpiece of every horizon. Now, having such a powerful tool run the show did expand our experience in many different directions, but even after reaching so far ahead, this prodigious concept called technology will somehow keep on delivering the right goods. The same has grown to become a lot more evident in recent times, and assuming one new HRM-themed development pans out just like we envision, it will only propel that trend towards greater heights over the near future and beyond.

WorkJam, the world’s leading digital frontline workplace, has officially teamed up with UKG, a leading provider of HR, payroll and workforce management solutions, to reimagine the way global enterprises manage their workforce, engage employees, and optimize human capital strategies. Under the agreed terms, we’ll see WorkJam’s super app, containing solutions for task management, communication, schedule self-service and ESS, and learning, work alongside UKG’s industry-leading technology to simplify frontline workforce management for large and mid-sized organizations. Talk about the partners’ objective on a slightly deeper level, they hope to, for instance, bolster operational efficiency on the back of optimized labor allocation, better scheduling accuracy, reduction in overstaffing and understaffing, and an enhanced resource utilization mechanism. Next up, the collaboration will dedicate a fair amount of attention towards achieving greater employee engagement. This it will do by handing workers control over their own schedules, unlocking access to a comprehensive pool of training material, and encouraging them to work together with their colleagues wherever possible. We referred to employee training material, that bit should only grow in relevance once you consider how the companies will be able to deliver stuff like relevant communications, knowledge assets and curriculums, in a completely noiseless environment. Not just noiseless, though, the stated environment will also be personalized for each and every employee, thus ensuring a higher impact potential. Interestingly enough, the beneficiaries of this development won’t just receive productivity-related advantages, but they will also be empowered to realize a better compliance posture. You see, given the way it will remove various complications, the users will have a chance to adapt to the changing regulations in a swifter manner.

“We’re proud to partner with UKG and combine the power of the UKG Pro Workforce Management suite with our digital frontline workplace to give our enterprise customers greater ability to manage and engage their hourly employees,” said Steven Kramer, CEO of WorkJam. “This integration enables organizations to forge stronger connections with their frontline staff, drive targeted communications and simplify task management to increase productivity and efficiency.”

Making UKG an ideal partner for this sort of an effort is its AI-powered suite that has the means to help us with time and attendance, analytics, strategic workforce planning, and plenty more. To achieve best results, the suite in question can also be tailored as per the given industry and its dynamics. Having said that, sectors like retail, hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare and logistics enterprises, are expected to get more than the rest out of this WorkJam and UKG allegiance.

“With one of the largest and most collaborative partner ecosystems focused on creating great workplace experiences, our technology partnership with WorkJam is the latest example of how we’re helping organizations unlock the full potential of their people,” said Mike May, vice president of technology partnerships at UKG. “With employees being asked to utilize so many applications daily, a seamless technology experience is foundational to becoming a great workplace.”

Founded in 2014, WorkJam’s primary domain talks to the prospect of improving frontline workers’ life, an ambition it would achieve by combining communication, task management, scheduling tools, learning, and more, on one single app. But did the experiment sustain itself? Well, as it turned, it has been hugely successful so far, and the same was reaffirmed when WorkJam was named amongst TIME100 Most Influential Companies for the year 2023.

Moving on to one of the biggest HCM cloud companies today in UKG, this one uses a unique Life-work Technology approach to provide cutting-edge HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions. As for how efficiently it manages to deliver on its promise, the answer resides within a clientele, which currently holds more than 80,000 organizations from across the globe.


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