ZRG Partners: The Pioneer in Talent Advisory

Larry Hartmann


“We can take the collective wisdom of an organization and make it measurable. All of those feeds into a decision dashboard that supports how a client understands the choices they have.”

Historically, executive search firms provided value to clients in two main ways. They all had a database with which they could access candidates, and they could bring a search person who would give a client an opinion about who to hire. Fast forward to 2023, the database is no longer relevant; anyone in the world has access to information and can find their required talent within a short period of time. Today, organizations and HR teams are seeing that the old-fashioned value proposition of legacy search firms is no longer persuasive. This is what ZRG Partners is redefining. The company provides full-spectrum solutions for executive leadership, strategy and transformation, culture consulting, and on-demand talent needs.

ZRG is a global talent advisory firm, providing people solutions for companies to solve their most complex talent issues. The company’s core offerings include revolutionary, data-based, executive search focusing on senior leadership around the world. Its suite of on-demand talent offerings helps backfill open roles and address project-based work with specialized talent. In fact, ZRG is positioned as a disrupter in the executive search space. “A candidate obviously has to have the skills and experiences necessary, but it’s about analyzing whether they fit the organizational culture. If they hit the ground running, then retention is higher. We’ve placed a big bet on culture, and bought the premier culture consulting business. That’s part of our consulting offering. But we’ve embedded that into our search process so that we can bring you analytics to say if a candidate fits your specific culture,” explains Larry Hartmann, CEO, ZRG Partners.

ZRG started over 20 years ago with a simple idea: executive search is broken, and we can do it better. The company’s consulting and advisory solutions focus on key issues like culture, strategic alignment, coaching, and sales optimization. Leveraging its global platform of over 500 teammates with a tech-powered solution kit, ZRG is a leading talent advisory firm for leading-edge clients. ZRG offers a broad scope of consulting services alongside its core search offerings. The experts in the company’s Walking the Talk division can make culture a superpower. “At the core of our offerings, we built a data platform that brings insights to clients around how to make a better hiring decision. In every part of business, most companies have lots of data to drive decisions, but when it gets to hiring, people typically will resort to old-school practices of gut feel. We developed a complete data platform that scored individual candidates’ skills. It takes interview feedback from a client, which is one of the broken parts of hiring, and brings that into analyzable quantitative insight. In a nutshell, we can take the collective wisdom of an organization and actually make it measurable. All of that feeds into a decision dashboard that supports how a client understands the choices they have,” explains Hartmann.

Since its inception, ZRG’s data-driven, tech-enabled approach to talent solutions has been changing how clients think about Human Capital. ZRG is now one of the fastest-growing global talent advisory firms. “In the executive search space, there aren’t many firms with the capital for global exploration that want to compete with the big five. We view this as a great opportunity. No one has risen to disrupt the industry, probably because of those challenging factors and the need for capital at scale. Today we’re, almost 600 employees and well over 200 million in revenues. We aspire to be that disrupter and the power to make changes in the industry,” concludes Hartmann.