Workday: Creating Employee Experiences That Differ

Chano Fernandez


"We partner closely with their customers to understand their needs. Then they innovate like crazy to give them the technology to get there. Together, we're shaping the future of work."

HCM and HRM can be one of the greatest challenges for businesses. From employee training to workforce management and compliance are some of the major issues. As the business workforce is changing, how and where people work, even the skills required will need a continuous shift. This is where Workday comes into the picture. Workday is a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications for finance, HR, and planning. With over two decades of industry presence, Workday delivers financial management, human capital management, and analytics applications designed for the world’s largest companies, educational institutions, and government agencies. Organizations ranging from medium-sized businesses to Fortune 50 enterprises have selected Workday. “Our customers don’t think of us as just another software vendor. They think of us as a partner in every sense of the word—in it for the long haul and committed to helping them confidently lead their organization in a changing world.” The team is on a commitment to waste no time in delivering ROI for its clientele. By getting to know the unique needs of their customers and creating a plan to help deploy fast, they help get right back to focusing on the key business objectives. The Workday advanced machine learning feature helps them understand people’s skills today and build talent around the skills for tomorrow. The team deliver intelligent automation across the entire attract-to-pay process, eliminating manual tasks and empowering people to be their most productive selves. From compensation and payroll to time tracking, benefits, and more, Workday HCM helps its clientele take care of their workforce. Give every employee a unique experience and quickly answer common HR questions with a self-service knowledge base. “Our compensation and benefits tools enable to form plans that meet the needs of all types of workers. So you can give your workforce the rewards they deserve.”

Making Businesses Future Ready

Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) is fundamentally different. Built as a single system with a single source for data, single security model, and single user experience, it offers organizations a cloud-based system that evolves to meet changing business objectives in a changing world. The user-friendly, global system also ensures that customers are always on the latest version with up-to-date capabilities, whether they’re on a browser or mobile device. Built for the future with a global and adaptable foundation, Workday HCM is designed to address the challenges that most businesses around the globe face today and prepare them for whatever the future brings. As industries, circumstances, and requirements change, the application evolves to help organization adapt. Its advanced and flexible framework allows to organize people using multidimensional criteria, simplifying the finance and HR teams. Workers can be grouped logically by function or reporting hierarchy, and organized to align with financial structures, such as division, cost center, or geography. With the org studio interface, businesses can plan and stage reorganizations collaboratively before committing, and execute seamlessly with mass actions. In addition, the integrated business process framework allows to easily configure, copy, and change process flows, considering conditional logic, or embed information throughout the process. All of this happens without IT or consulting resources, so that businesses don’t have to deal with the delays and costs that are typical of process changes. Centered on a singular model of people, organizations, assignments, and business events, Workday ensures global consistency while allowing for local variation. With this global perspective, Workday can provide meaningful business insight across borders and business processes. Operate locally, manage globally: As one of the first vendors to be added to the Department of Commerce list of self-certified Privacy Shield Participants, Workday complies with the Privacy Shield principles for the transfer of European personal data to the United States. In addition, the Workday compliance program allows customers to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) through an existing control framework.

Easy, Powerful and Scalable

Workday also offers a prebuilt connector to Unistaff specifically to meet the Russia Data Privacy requirements. Processes such as contracts and offers, collective agreements, and apprentice management are all delivered as native functionality. Workday even provides a delivered intersection point with Works Councils for appropriate staffing events. Workday HCM is intuitive and easy to use as all the processes flow throughout an organization, allowing each person access just the right information and actions. The solutions highly advanced machine learning capabilities provide a personalized experience for all workers by providing recommendations, surfacing the most relevant tasks, providing search results, and more.

The Workday HCM enables organizations to focus on the things that matter—talent strategy, employee experience, and long-term growth. It delivers information and transaction flexibility to employees, managers, and executives and provides with the infrastructure to make HR organization effective and efficient. Its configurable business processes enable the HR team to maintain global consistency while supporting local differences. An instance that highlights the company’s value proposition is when the team assisted Hewlett- Packard engage employees for workers, managing HR transactions, such as benefits enrollment, expense reports, PTO, and payroll, is just the beginning. Workday HCM empowers employees to tap into opportunities to grow within their organization, which drives employee satisfaction and retention. Personal and professional growth comes through employees’ ability to get feedback at any time, understand opportunities, seek mentors and guidance, learn freely, and develop the skills they need to take their careers in any direction. With Workday HCM, employees engage in a continuous and meaningful development experience throughout the entire employee lifecycle—from onboarding to job changes, development opportunities, and promotions—all from their desktop or mobile device.

A Future with Cloud

Under the leadership of Bhusri, Workday has grown into a highly strategic partner for the world’s top corporations that has a $4-billion annual run rate and a market cap of $54 billion. Late last year, Workday named global field operations leader Chano Fernandez as co-CEO, a move that gives Bhusri the latitude to drive strategic initiatives inside the development organization. AneelBhusri has also created a corporate culture that has won every possible type of acclaim and award for being a superb place to work. I think anything that’s cloud and modern is getting accelerated right now. The future also looks powerful for Workday. Anything that’s cloud and modern is getting accelerated right now. “As cloud has become the new trend, I’m optimistic that we’re on the right path and there are a lot of other vendors on the right path.”