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ServiceNow, a leading digital workflow company, has officially announced its first platform release of 2024, bringing with it an ability to accelerate enterprise transformation through smarter, faster, simpler experiences. Focused on boosting automation and delivering a faster time to value, the platform’s list of offerings begins from a dedicated Sale and Order Management solution. The stated solution bears a responsibility to increase revenue by uniting the sales and order lifecycles across front, middle, and back-office teams on the ServiceNow platform. This means sales and fulfillment agents can easily manage opportunities, configure and price quotes, and capture and fulfill orders. Furthermore, it enables customer service agents to complete post-sale commercial changes and drive upsell and cross-sell opportunities, allowing them to do it all from the platform they were originally using for managing customer service requests. Other service agents can also leverage the SOM solution to create opportunities, quotes, and orders just like sales staff. Next up, we must get into the platform’s Performance Analytics offering, which delivers a secure, simple, unified experience for reporting and analytics across the entire ServiceNow Platform. Such a setup should help customers create data visualizations and dashboards that incorporate multiple data inputs into one easy-to-understand source, a source which can be revisited time and time again to facilitate smarter decision making.

Then, there are new AIOps experiences in Service Operations Workspace for ITOM that allow users and administrators to speed issue resolution, as well as achieve faster time to value with enhancements to Express List and alert automation. The given Express List is able to do that by packing historical alert trends and automated root cause analysis into a single digestible screen view. As for advancements made on alert automation, they fulfill the issue resolution objective through helpful context for operators to more easily understand action events with alert simplification and grouping. Moving on, the development also conceives a specialized Workflow Studio, where creators can create workflow automations quickly and easily from start to finish. All you have to do is describe the process you’d like to automate, and Workflow Studio will visualize and create the workflows on your behalf. Markedly enough, the stated solution integrates capabilities like Flow Designer, Automation Engine, Process Automation Designer, and Decision Builder into one ecosystem, meaning employees can collaborate and easily create, configure, and monitor automated workflows.

Hold on, we aren’t done yet. You see, we still haven’t discussed the new look of ServiceNow’s Operational Technology (OT) solution, which fits alongside company’s existing OT visibility, service management, and vulnerability products, to capture and share known resolutions for OT incidents and process deviations across sites. Joining it would be a Security Posture Control solution that can help an organization gain visibility into critical security tool coverage gaps, identify assets with high-risk combinations, and automate response workflows across the enterprise. Finally, we have these new pre-built, cross-functional workflows developed using the Common Services Data Model (CSDM) to let companies harness the power of their operational data and drive efficiencies at scale. In case that didn’t sound like a lot, we must acknowledge the automation in play here that allows organizations to collect data across hardware or software, cloud or data center. Once collected, customers can use that data across multiple workflows, all while staying assured about their compliance with the established guidelines.

ServiceNow’s latest move fittingly follows-up on a recent Gartner report, which tipped global spending on technology to rebound from 4.8% in 2023 and hit 7% in 2024, reaching $5 trillion.

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