Symphony Talent: An Efficient Recruitment Marketing Platform and Employer Branding Partner

Kermit Randa


"Our people, technology, and data-driven insights are uniquely positioned to deliver customer-centric solutions that address the challenges that CEOs, CHROs, and their talent acquisition teams contend with today." It's energizing to join an organization with a progressive vision, and I look forward to helping realize this vision. "

Advertising for enhanced traffic is the most challenging process for an organization. What if an organization could entrust the whole advertising campaign to a platform? Symphony Talent is the solution. Every ad, campaign, bill, and job request funded is controlled by Symphony Talent’s programmatic job advertising. It budgets and adapts to its surroundings, ensuring that no dime is ever wasted. Symphony Talent is a recruitment marketing technology startup that assists talent acquisition teams with work automation and applicant empowerment. More than 600 customers across the world, including the world’s largest businesses, rely on Symphony Talent’s award-winning EVP strategy, employer brand campaigns, job site design, and recruiting technology. Symphony Talent’s SmashFlyX recruiting CRM software helps to understand each applicant before they apply. Thanks to machine learning, enables automation and intelligence to make sense of the pipelines, rediscover talent, and act better.

The recruiting CRM’s AI-driven recommendation engine prioritizes the best internal and external applicants based on pipeline or job match and brand engagement. With a drag-and-drop template builder, sophisticated list segmentation, and drip marketing processes, SmashFlyX makes it simple. SmashFlyX aids in the development of internal talent pipelines for tailored job notifications, campaigning, and application procedures.

From the search through the application, Symphony Talent creates stunning job web pages with a purpose. When a firm gets the talent they desire, when talent finds what they need, Through Symphony Talents, chat with a chat assistant in real-time who will answer queries, offer related opportunities, and take down the contact information and CV. Explore a one-of-a-kind route with 1:1 personalization based on on-site behavioral data and demographics, from content to landing pages to chat to employment. Improved job descriptions with rich information, not just requirements, allows for self-screen in and out.

With a single recruitment marketing data structure that spans advertising, organic, career site, email, SMS, applications, and hiring, Symphony Talent’s platform enables unrivaled influence reporting. And they’ve been tracking without cookies for years. Symphony Talent brings together expertise in employer branding, recruiting technology, and programmatic job advertising to provide the power of a single partner, whether a firm needs it now or later. SmashFlyX CRM now includes on-demand interviewing to let a firm “meet” people more quickly and at scale. Candidates and recruiters will find the procedure uncomplicated owing to guided, conversational prompts and recorded replies. SmashFlyX On-Demand Interviewing lets hiring managers to meet screened talent faster and generates a stronger prospect profile to broaden the resume by allowing them to spend less time organizing interviews and first-touch screening. As doing everything in one system implies measuring everything in one system, Symphony Talent provides visibility and predictability. And they’re the first in the industry to provide fully transparent, influence-based, unbiased reporting from every source talent and recruiters interact with.

SmashFlyX recruiting analytics centralizes every sponsored, earned, and owned source in the strategy into a single data structure, allowing an organization to observe a candidate’s entire journey. Symphony Talent provides a comprehensive solution that fairly assesses a candidate’s work readiness in an interesting and scientifically-backed manner while preserving the candidate’s experience. They provide knowledge, insight, and innovation to the evaluation space, which immediately translates into increased profits for the company. Symphony Talent is a real full-service partner who works alongside an organization to achieve its goals. “As the Great Resignation evolves to the Great Reimagination, where organizations are rethinking the meaning of jobs, employees, and flex work, we must empower them with successful strategies and innovative tools so they can succeed now and in the future,” says Kermit Randa, CEO of Symphony Talent.