Symmetry: Simplifying Payroll and Taxes

Tom Reahard


"Building software tools for over three decades has taught us that accuracy and dependability are the cornerstones of great payroll. We take pride in delivering solutions that get the job done right the first time,"

Symmetry Software’s mission is to simplify payroll with dependable and accurate payroll withholding tax solutions. In other words, to deliver “the right taxes the first time.” Symmetry’s tools were built from 37 years of experience in payroll tax withholding software. For software service providers integrating payroll into their applications and payroll and HR service providers, Symmetry’s tools make the customer’s processes more automated, efficient, error-free, and regulatory compliant. Symmetry’s products include the Symmetry Tax Engine, Symmetry Payroll Forms, Payroll Point, and PaycheckCity calculators. Since 1984, Symmetry Software has been helping clients deliver great payroll through powerful technology. The greater Phoenix, Arizona, valley’s second-oldest software firm is now Symmetry. As time went on, Symmetry developed more distinctive payroll tax solutions that today support an infrastructure depended upon by millions of workers and hundreds of thousands of expanding enterprises.

One of the products offered by Symmetry is Symmetry Tax Engine (STE). A tax engine is a calculator that takes into account FICA, state withholdings for all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and US territories, as well as federal withholding. Local taxes, employer taxes, processing across many states, and other withholdings connected to payroll are all taken into consideration by a tax engine. The gold standard in payroll tax withholding software and a must for the needs in gross-to-net calculations is the Symmetry Tax Engine. It’s a powerful payroll processing and tax calculator to build or enhance a payroll platform, embed payroll into an existing application, and increase compliance and accuracy. For more than 7,400 taxable jurisdictions, including the U.S. territories, the STE accounts for all federal, state, and municipal taxes, including withholding and hidden employer taxes. Additionally taken into consideration are multi-state processing and employer taxes. Each of the 50 states, Puerto Rico, and US territories are covered by the Symmetry Tax Engine. The industry’s most potent payroll tax generator runs at an average computation speed of 3.32 milliseconds with over 7,400 taxes, each with a distinct tax ID that does over 150,000 gross-to-net calculations on a Xeon server in 7.5 minutes. Covers multi-state calculations while also using cutting-edge geocoding technology to determine accurate payroll taxes for work and home addresses to rooftop precision. There is no personal information or personally identifiable data stored by the Symmetry Tax Engine. As a precaution, every entered data is verified. In-transit API conversations are also encrypted, and an API Key is used for permission. Companies can effortlessly ensure employee and employer taxes are correctly calculated and managed by licensing Symmetry’s payroll tax software and APIs. The Symmetry Tax Engine was created by developers for developers, offering greater payroll integration implementation freedom as well as other capabilities, such as the choice of a web API or on-premise SDK. Taxes are computed by the STE using the Symmetry Location Service and an employee’s home and workplace addresses. State number, county number, and feature ID (city, municipality, township, etc.) are the three components that make them up. The Geographic Names Information System (GNIS), the government standard for geographic nomenclature, serves as the foundation for static location codes.

With trustworthy and precise payroll APIs and tax withholding solutions, Symmetry Software aims to make the payroll process as simple as possible. At Symmetry, businesses need strong technology to offer fantastic payroll services. Since 1984, been developing software tools and payroll APIs for prestigious software programs. Companies can make sure that employee and employer taxes are accurately computed and managed with the help of Symmetry’s fully integrated array of payroll tax APIs and software solutions. Alternatively said, give “the right taxes the first time.” With payroll connections like electronic withholding forms and tools for looking up federal, state, and local taxes, symmetry helps the customers’ operations become more automated, efficient, and error-free while still complying with regulations. “Building software tools for over three decades has taught us that accuracy and dependability are the cornerstones of great payroll. We take pride in delivering solutions that get the job done right the first time,” says Tom Reahard, founder of Symmetry.

Symmetry Software is well-positioned to grow its products and maintain its position as a market leader in the payroll technology sector because of its ongoing investment in the development of its payroll APIs and tools. Symmetry Software’s dedication to innovation and customer-first philosophy will continue to fuel its success in the future as rules continue to change and businesses look for more effective methods to handle their payroll procedures. Overall, Symmetry Software has a promising future and will remain a dependable and trusted partner for its clients as they negotiate the complex world of payroll processing.