Prioritizing Employee Engagement to Mark a More Sustainable Success for Your Business


Axonify, a global leader in frontline learning and workforce productivity, has officially announced the launch of Axonify Frontline Employee Engagement Suite, which is designed to address the critical challenge of employee engagement, as well as its impact on retaining talent and improving frontline productivity. Talk about the whole value proposition on a slightly deeper level, we begin from how the solution makes it easier for you to reach your frontline workforce. Here, you have a short and gamified personalized daily training experience which fits into the frontline workflow on any device. If we go by the initial user engagement numbers, the stated experience was able to achieve an industry-best 80% user participation rate. Building upon that would be a comprehensive communication mechanism, where for starters, you can instantly send out leadership and manager-level critical communications to the entire workforce. Next up, we have the prospect of two-way communications, a prospect which reveals itself once you consider how the suite in question can be leveraged to help employees feel heard by leaders/managers and each other, thus promoting engagement and a sense of community throughout an organization. Moving on to the solution’s ability to let you conduct tactical campaigns, this involves organizing a series of targeted communications into time-specific campaigns that are easily accessible by all employees. Complimenting the whole value proposition is a real-time chat functionality that comes decked up with enterprise-grade security.

Beyond communications, Axonify’s engagement suite brings to the fore dedicated performance support and feedback. Such a feature translates to the fact that companies can provide their workforce with AI-powered job support so to keep the latter party confident through moment-of-need answers. Markedly enough, the technology also empowers you to conduct pulse checks on your frontline with built-in survey tools that are specifically made to instigate immediate responses. Joining the same is a task management feature, which lets you assign tasks and track progress using live completion rates and feedback loops.

“We’re excited to launch our Frontline Employee Engagement Suite to address the pressing need for right-fit engagement strategies tailored to frontline teams,” said Dave Carter, Chief Revenue Officer at Axonify. “Axonify’s approach brings engagement into a single, unified experience, moving away from the limitations of a traditional LMS, and offering organizations the tools they need to create a more connected, agile and high-performing frontline workforce.”

Axonify’s latest brainchild is even well-equipped to deliver at your disposal a facility dedicated towards gamified mechanics and rewards. This facility bears the responsibility to motivate and incentivize teams for the purpose of challenging, competing, and rewarding each other with points and prizes. Our final piece of highlight comes from the fact that the solution further provides different teams an ability to recognize each other for a job well done.

The introduction of this new employee engagement suite delivers a rather interesting follow-up to one study conducted by Gallup, a study where it was revealed that only 32% of full- and part-time employees said they were engaged by their work, compared to 34% in 2021 and 36% in 2020. In response to that, 85% of frontline corporate leaders are now understood to be willing to retain or increase their annual investment in employee engagement.

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