Numla: The Comprehensive HR Management Solution

Kevin Barry


"Numla team has worked with us at every step of the way including; proof of concept, developing the business case, mapping project activities, defining requirements, data migration, rules engine configuration, training, testing, and post go-live support. "

Many large organizations have learned the hard way that their complex HR customization and integration requirements are not easily fulfilled by the leading proprietary HRM software as it takes a lot of time, effort, and money to enhance a proprietary software. This is where Numla is offering something unique to the large organization that we have seen so far in the HR Tech industry.

Numla is an award-winning, ISO certified, GDPR compliant, Irish HR Tech company with 18+ years of enterprise software experience, and international offices located in San Francisco, Toronto, Dublin, and Riyadh. Numla team offers digital transformation of your HR functions using Numla HRM software based on agile methodology. What is unique about Numla HRM? It is amazingly flexible, scalable, open-source, and customizable solution that sets businesses free to achieve dreams within weeks and months at an incredibly low cost. Numla Team is so confident on the value they deliver and clients they retain that they offer free unlimited customizations, and integrations with free implementation – even with no obligation contract.

Numla automates the full employee lifecycle, gives HR executives full visibility on all HR activities, enables internal and external compliance via policy enforcement, creates a proactive HR function that can ensure changes to policies & HR activities are implemented with agility, and is highly customizable according to needs.

“When you use Numla, your HR Team would feel empowered & confident as the agility and robustness of platform means your HR Team can easily execute HR strategies, engage employees, and have peace of mind because the complexity of technology management is always managed by Numla. We offer continuous support, and enhancements as required by your changing policies and organization.” Kevin Barry, CEO, Numla.

“Use of Numla means faster roll out of policies, higher employee engagement, full visibility of each HR metric, and better, faster decision-making of HR executives.” Patsi Daly (FCA, AITI), CFO, Numla.

“Because NUMLA is an award-winning platform with a satisfied signature enterprise client with 5000+ employees on NUMLA, multiple ISO certifications, and is made by a company with 18 years of enterprise solutions and automation experience, NUMLA is best positioned to help customers get best ROI with world class capabilities at a very aggressive price point, better bottom line because of lower attrition rates, and higher productivity of employees.” Dr. Abrar Zafar, CTO, Numla.

“Numla suite of apps are comprehensive, advanced, open-source, cost-effective, secure, easier to improve, open to integrate, and faster to implement. Our teams are agile, flexible, and committed to making you a winner in your highly competitive industry,” addsKevin Barry, CEO, Numla.

It is Barry’s passion for innovation and customer service that is driving Numla to success today. Barry is a tech enthusiast and successful team lead who is striving to create an impact in the HR management industry space. Away from the busy day to day business operations, one of Kevin’s main pastimes outside of family life is playing some of the worlds famous golf courses in club tournaments and friendly matches. Kevin is also member of one of the world’s top 20 courses at Ballybunion Golf Club and after many years on committee was bestowed the honour of Club Captain in 2021.

Redefining Employee Experience

If your employee experience strategy is falling short of your vision, then it must be negatively impacting employee well-being, retention, and productivity. Numla is uniquely crafted to delight employees with mobile self-service apps. Numla increase productivity by fostering collaboration. Moreover, it supports employees in the field, or at home with enterprise capabilities like payroll, benefits, time tracking, compliance, and eLearning, while optimizing the entire talent lifecycle from recruitment, onboarding, and learning to performance management and retention. Numla also enables HR teams to access powerful analytics with complex querying custom dashboards while enabling them to generate in-depth reports for workforce planning.

What makes Numla stand out from the crowd is its scalability and capacity to be enhanced easily. With Numla, the entire process from hiring requests and job postings to candidate selection and joining is automated, intuitive, and delightful for both HR and candidates. The company also offers built-in eSignatures, enterprise grade security, configurable access management.

When you start experiencing the power of Numla, you start envisioning how best it can be enhanced to meet your requirements. Numla team is always available to enhance the apps, if required as per your specific needs.

Case Study

The principal telecom services provider in Ireland, with a workforce of over 5500 employees and contractors, contacted large HR software vendors including Workday, SAP, Oracle, when they needed to replace CoreHR software package in 2020. Large proprietary HRM software providers couldn’t meet Irish Telecom’s complex requirements. Numla started a proof of concept in May 2020 and demonstrated in three months that all requirements of Irish Telecom could easily be fulfilled after enhancing Numla solution. Within 5 months after the start of the project, Irish Telecom had smoothly switched to Numla by December 2020. Numla delivered a highly flexible, and scalable platform, bringing all HR activities under one interface. Numla provided end to end support including cloud servers architecture and management at AWS data center at Dublin. Numla continue to provide free enhancements, integrations, and customizations even after the implementation was completed. Irish Telecom saved around Euro 1M per year in hard and soft savings compared to previous software vendor. With Numla, efficiencies were increased as employees now have self-service capabilities in all processes which led to a 60-70% reduction in queries. The benefits of the HR transformation were felt immediately as all processes were integrated into a single platform with incredibly positive employee feedback.

Joe Hall, Organizational Effectiveness Manager,eir,“Numla team has worked with us at every step of the way including; proof of concept, developing the business case, mapping project activities, defining requirements, data migration, rules engine configuration, training, testing, and post go-live support. This has all been accomplished with such comprehensive support that the resource requirements from our side have been entirely manageable. We have delivered HR transformation within a matter of months, not years. What sets the Numla  team apart from others, is the focus and attention they commit to every individual workstream of a project. The flexibility and agility they bring to the program to facilitate accomplishments that had never even been considered internally by us, as they would have been deemed unrealistically ambitious. Numla team works to truly understand your requirements, document them clearly, and suggest how the system can be configured or improved to meet your needs. In countless cases, Numla team has suggested improvements to our processes and digitalized complicated and entirely manual processes. If you believe your organization is too complicated to allow a move away from manual processing, the Numla team should be your first call.” 

Building a Global Footprint

Today, with over two decades of industry presence, Numla is a pioneer in delivering cutting-edge HR management solutions. Beyond Ireland and UK, Numla is focusing on the USA, Canada, and Australia. The company has also expanded its AI team so that the next version of its analytics module provides even more powerful insights.