Limeade: Redefining Employee Experience

Padmashree Koneti

VP Product

" We deliver industry-leading solutions that help companies amplify care for their employees every day to deliver improved people results."

Organizations globally are emerging from the economic and societal challenges of the past year and realizing that their employee experience strategy is falling short. It is also impacting employee well-being, retention, and productivity. A recent global study on employee care found that 35 percent of employees surveyed reported feeling burned out, 56 percent of employees said their organization hasn’t asked for their feedback about return-to-work policies and procedures, and only half of the individual contributors perceived organizational care for well-being. This is where Limeade—an employee experience software company—steps in to provide employee well-being, engagement, inclusion, and EX software. Limeade offers well-being, engagement, inclusion, and EX software for companies to enhance their employee experience. Their purpose is to transform work into a source of positivity, energy, humanity, and purpose. All employees can access the Limeade program offered by a company—even employees without a company email address—a critical element for nearly 80 percent of deskless employees. “Our definition of well-being is expansive and includes work well-being. This includes measuring the risk of burnout and providing actions that can improve awareness of this risk, along with support for employees to improve their well-being,” adds Padmashree Koneti, VP Product at Limeade. The Limeade platform empowers companies to create an intentional EX that demonstrates care by reaching every employee, listening to them, and offering activities, resources, and programs. It’s a foundational technology infrastructure that allows the company to deliver flexible and customizable software solutions for customers tailored to specific business outcomes—such as well-being and engagement, inclusion, reducing unwanted turnover and burnout, attracting new talent and EX. This includes enterprise grade privacy and security, flexible integrations with 3rd party partners and benefits providers, and extensibility to create unique use cases for customers. In addition, Limeade provides self-service analytics, program reporting and insight dashboards, multi-lingual product experience with pre-translated content, one app and web interface and more. “The benefit to our customers is a flexible and powerful approach, that allows us to easily incorporate new functionality to help them achieve their business and people goals,” explains Koneti.

Limeade has been pioneering well-being at work since 2006. The company uses its expert guidance combined with organizational insights and science based approaches to help large organizations deliver people results that matter. The Limeade difference is that they provide a refreshing way to infuse well-being and care into work. An instance that portrays the Limeade value proposition is when the team assisted a global tax firm that struggled to maintain participation and further increase awareness of their well-being program. Upon partnering with Limeade, the global tax firm set out to drive awareness of the well-being program’s value to employees and build regular participation. It has been able to achieve these goals and more by fully leveraging the modern communication capabilities built into the Limeade program. Limeade provided a unified, personalized approach to well-being and employee engagement. As a result, they increased monthly active users by 2x and increased employee participation in well-being activities by 21 percent.

Today, Limeade Well-Being is available globally with a library of over 100 professionally translated whole-person well-being activities spanning 14 languages—one of the most robust and high-quality sets of global whole-person well-being content available. Limeade solutions are used in approximately 100 countries around the globe. “In the near future, our focus is to continue to evolve our key solutions and deliver innovation for our customers. One key area is to improve the experience for companies with employees based globally—with the ability to deliver a fully translated product experience available in their local language,” concludes Koneti.