Harnessing AI to Bring a Whole New Dimension to Skill Development in Workers


Zenarate, a leading SaaS provider of AI-powered skill-based learning and development for customer-facing agents, has officially announced an updated version of its personalized AI Coach platform. According to certain reports, the stated version will allow for new and tenured agents to receive personalized learning journeys with simulation training, gamification, and real-time performance feedback. Complimenting the whole thing would be a facility to track your skill-building progress. Talk about the whole development on a slightly deeper level, it is concerned with how Zenarate has extended its leading AI simulation training facility to analyze live calls in a way that no other provider has ever done before. This includes scoring agents against the same call skills they were trained on, and creating automated agent development plans with personalized learning journeys and hyper-targeted simulation coaching for continuous improvement. Markedly enough, unlike pre-programmed keyword-based simulation training’s approach of teaching agents through scripts and keyword memorization, Zenarate banks upon proprietary Natural Language Understanding (NLU) models to guide, coach, and score agents on nuanced best & required practices, as well as soft skills like empathy and active listening. Such a methodology helps agents apply skills in their own words and feel confident regarding the messages they are delivering. Anyway, moving on, the update also delivers greater visibility into contents making up a customer call, thus providing leaders a clear trend analysis and a view into the voice of the customer.

Talk about the whole value proposition on a slightly deeper level, we begin with the option to offer curated experiences. This involves the platform taking millions of simulation training hours and expertise from leading global brands, something which it then places alongside its proprietary agent learning experience. Once that is duly done, the stated combination is able to tailor an individual’s learning journey as per their personal needs. On top of that, it also guides them through life-like immersive practice scenarios, and produces performance insights to certify skill proficiency and deliver consistently superior customer experiences.

“Zenarate is committed to developing the best-performing customer-facing workforces through AI-powered skill-based learning and development,” said Brian Tuite, CEO and Co-Founder of Zenarate. “Zenarate provides a customized learning experience platform for each client, where agents master their company’s unique skills, compliance requirements, and overall brand experience.”

Next up, we must get into the way Zenarate’s platform prioritizes skills over scripts. You see, using intent-based AI Simulation Training, rather than keywords or scripting, the solution actively paves the way for agents to develop authentic communication skills in their own words. Then, we have in play rich visual dashboards, as well as an enhanced reporting functionality. Thanks to these two key aspects, leaders, coaches, trainers, and agents can expect to receive simple, clear visibility into each agent’s skill development progress, and they can expect that for throughout a particular learning journey. In case the entire thing still doesn’t sound impressive enough, then we must acknowledge how Zenarate AI Coaching platform is also well-equipped to recognize agent activity through gamification, birthing an angle where agents are rewarded for their training activity and skill development.

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