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Canva has officially announced the launch of several new enhancements and products to redefine the way work is done throughout organizations. Under this update, the company has introduced Canva Enterprise, which is specifically designed to serve companies through a subscription model. Here, the solution brings forth, for starters, a scalable edge where you can seamlessly increase seats along with scalable cloud storage to meet the needs of global organizations. Next up, we must get into how the solution enables you to consolidate things like design, content production, AI, and collaboration tools into one centralized account. By doing so, it is able to scale impact, while simultaneously bringing down the costs and complexities. Then, there is a set of advanced brand controls. They basically help you in maintaining brand consistency using robust controls. Here, you can come expecting access to elements and templates in Canva’s library, along with complete control over who can share content externally. Markedly enough, the whole value proposition also boasts optimal security to go alongside other features, with tools like MFA, SCIM, SSO, Canva Shield, and an advanced collection of Trust and Safety solutions working together to ensure success in this regard.

Moving on, Canva took the opportunity in question to further launch a revamped UI. The revamped UI, on its part, is well-equipped to offer a streamlined editing experience, an experience where you’ll now have new contextual editing toolbar which can create more space and improve focus. Up next is a brand new, customizable homepage. The stated homepage will let users earmark top designs, folders, and brand templates, whereas on the other hand, organizations can pin company or team-wide content to the top of the page. The update also improves upon Canva’s collaboration prospects, considering users can now easily move between projects, access key assets and resources, and apply brand guidelines.

Another detail worth a mention would be the expansion of Canva’s Magic Studio, which has been used more than 6.5 billion times since launching in October 2023. The solution’s expanded form delivers an ability to generate graphics, icons, and illustrations in a variety of styles from a text prompt, and at the same time, it also conceives 3x higher quality presentations with improved AI design technology. Furthermore, the update makes it possible for you to convert any design to any custom doc by entering a prompt, or choosing from new options like a video script, LinkedIn post, or presentation outline. Apart from that, you can even access an AI-powered photo editor, which gives you the facility to move, remove, or edit any object in an image, quite similar to how you would edit a standard Canva template. Not just photo, the development also fetches significant upgrades for the video format. These upgrades include Canva AI-powered Highlights’ skill in cutting a selection of smaller eye-catching clips from longer videos. They also cover the Enhanced Voice functionality making audio crystal clear through a reduction in background noise.

Hold on, there is more. You see, we still haven’t mentioned the improvements made across Canva’s Visual Suite, improvements that mark the introduction of suggested editing to let users track changes and collaborate on edits. The stated suite even allows you to bank upon renowned ad platforms like Amazon, Google, and Meta to access instant feedback on designs, asset libraries, and templates. There is also a data autofill functionality, which helps you import business data into Canva from third-party sources like Salesforce and the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) to automatically fill designs with text and images, all for creating custom assets at scale. Building upon the promise of scale, the solution can further accelerate your marketing workflow through a CSV or Excel file so to eventually facilitate bulk creation.

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