Augustine Talent Group: Redefining Executive Job Search

Lorraine Heywood

Founder & CEO

“Our goal is to create true partnerships with our clientele. We also love working with startup companies. We're very successful with startup companies, and have partnerships with them, because we're truly helping them grow”

Executive search, commonly known as “headhunting,” presents considerable challenges in HR operations. It entails identifying and engaging suitable candidates with the requisite skill set, experience, and cultural alignment for an organization. Recruiting high-level executives can be particularly demanding as they are often passive candidates not actively seeking new opportunities. Therefore, C-level recruitment requires a diplomatic, discreet approach and a deep understanding of a company’s structure and culture. This is where Augustine Talent Group differentiates itself. As a leading executive search firm, Augustine Talent Group excels in connecting exceptional individuals with top companies nationwide, headquartered in Houston, Texas. The company offers a comprehensive range of services, including Executive Retained Search, Contingency Professional Search and Talent Consulting, to assist organizations in securing game-changing A-level talent. “Our utmost priority is people. Our work profoundly impacts candidates’ lives and our clients’ growth. That is why we operate with unwavering faith, integrity, and courage, striving to make a positive difference in the lives of those who are affiliated with us and our community,” emphasizes Lorraine Heywood, Founder & CEO of Augustine Talent Group (“ATG”).

Augustine Talent Group is a recruitment agency specializing in financial services, engineering, accounting, manufacturing, plastics, and other industries. Our mission is to drive your company’s success through the power of exceptional individuals. Whether you require a CEO, an IT expert, a senior accountant, a manager, or a seasoned salesperson, we possess the expertise to find the perfect professional who meets all your requirements. Our foundation is built on the simple goal of transforming the lives of talented individuals and delivering a significant return on investment for companies seeking exceptional talent. With this in mind, we connect skilled professionals and executives with leading businesses across diverse industries and the nation. Our unique talent-sourcing methodology and personalized, character-centered approach set Augustine Talent Group apart. “We strive to establish genuine partnerships with our clients, and we take pride in supporting startup companies on their growth journey,” adds Lorraine.

Seamless and Integrated Talent Hunt

In the executive search space, there are numerous niche solution providers globally. The discerning approach Augustine Talent Group takes to build business is unique. Lorraine highlights that we choose to collaborate with only a small number of companies in each industry sector, allowing us to build a partnership and a strategy for attracting Rockstars. We meticulously select our clients within each industry sector based on their integrity, track record, and values. This gives us an extensive hunting ground for talent acquisition and adds value by delivering top-tier candidates from their competitors. Another differentiating factor is the cross-industry expertise we possess. We collaborate with multiple industries to identify and connect the right talent with our clients, ensuring a fit for their specific requirements.

When clients partner with Augustine Talent Group, they are assigned a dedicated recruiting Team comprised of a Client Development Manager and a Recruiter. The Team prioritizes visiting with the client’s leadership team and those participating in the decision-making process. This extra step provides a deeper understanding of their culture and the type of candidate needed to be successful in the role. Simultaneously, the recruiter will partner with candidates and guide them through the assiduous recruiting process. Each candidate completes a unique assessment that looks at typical behavior/personality, but more importantly, it dives deep into a candidate’s talent wiring. The next step is recording a live interview of the candidate answering questions designed to ascertain their skill level, fit for the role and the company/culture.   This total package offers the client a conscientious view of “who” the candidate is and how they should perform. This personalized and meticulous approach is one of the many ways Augustine Talent Group distinguishes itself.

The DNA to Success

With over two decades of experience in the recruiting industry, Lorraine Heywood, the company’s founder, boasts a distinguished background. She initiated her career on the agency side, successfully managing several prominent firms before venturing into agency ownership. Later, she transitioned to the corporate world, where she excelled in executive leadership, ultimately attaining a position in the C-suite. During her tenure managing and owning large recruiting firms, Lorraine recognized the significant impact that a poor hire or talent shortage can have on revenue and morale within an organization. She established Augustine Talent Group, motivated to prevent such setbacks for as many companies as possible.

Today, the unwavering passion for innovation of the company’s executive team propels Augustine Talent Group to success. Every team member at Augustine Talent Group brings invaluable experience from both the agency and corporate worlds. This understanding is crucial as they acknowledge the detrimental effects of an ill-advised hiring decision and how it can undermine an entire company. As an agency, their focus is to choose A-Players who display excellence in their field, as well as in their character and connect them with companies where their skills and expertise add value and equity for both parties. But they don’t stop there. Augustine Talent Group is passionate about giving back to the community and sponsors Steup-Up Houston, a 501© (3) nonprofit focused on helping those who need a Step Up.   In conclusion, Lorraine’s extensive knowledge and diverse background have equipped her to drive Augustine Talent Group forward. The company’s steadfast commitment to excellence ensures exceptional results and fosters business prosperity, and as Lorraine says – “It is all in our name; ATG – Always Trust God.”