Arcoro: Transforming Construction Workforce Management

John Herr


“With built-in integrations to over 300 partners, Arcoro’s system can be scaled to meet your company’s emerging requirements. It can be integrated with ERP systems, insurance carriers, payroll processors, business intelligence applications and much more”

The construction industry grapples with formidable challenges in 2024, primarily centered around a shrinking workforce. The demand for work persists, but the sector faces a critical shortage of qualified labor. Workers are increasingly seeking higher wages to cope with rising cost-of-living expenses, posing a significant challenge for employers. Adding to the complexity is the fierce competition for workers across industries. As more than 50 million workers explored job changes in search of better work-life flexibility, higher pay, and strong company culture, construction found itself amidst a broader talent war. The industry must contend with other sectors that also grapple with labor shortages, including leisure, hospitality, and manufacturing. Moreover, HR professionals, owners, project managers and supervisors don’t have the time to waste on antiquated processes that squander effort, undermine accuracy, and introduce or amplify risk. The industry is too big and too important not to have transformative software designed to drive business success. This is where Arcoro comes into the picture.

Arcoro emerges as a pivotal player in reshaping how the construction industry approaches workforce management and HR processes. Founded with a clear mission to improve HR practices, Arcoro’s vision centers around driving efficiency and simplifying intricate HR procedures specific to the construction sector. Arcoro’s suite of innovative HR and workforce management solutions directly addresses the pressing issues faced by HR professionals, project managers, and supervisors in construction. The software enables construction companies to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and navigate the risks associated with manual processes. “We believe that the right HR and workforce management solutions can help construction address and overcome day-to-day challenges but drive efficiency, enhancing individual and company productivity and managing the risk associated with manual processes,” explains John Herr, CEO, Arcoro.

The uniqueness of Arcoro lies in its tailored approach to construction workflows. The software comes equipped with specialized features addressing project-based scheduling, equipment tracking, certifications management, and safety compliance tracking. This specialization ensures that construction companies can effectively manage their workforce, projects, and regulatory obligations.

Recognizing the mobile nature of construction work, Arcoro provides mobile-friendly applications that facilitate on-site employees’ access to scheduling, time tracking, and communication tools from anywhere. This not only improves efficiency but also fosters better communication between field workers and office staff.

Arcoro’s seamless integration with popular construction software, such as Sage, Acumatica, and CMiC, facilitates data exchange between workforce management, accounting, payroll, and project management systems. This integration creates a unified ecosystem, streamlining operations and promoting efficiency. Safety is paramount in the construction industry, and Arcoro ensures a strong focus on compliance and safety management. Features such as incident reporting, OSHA compliance tracking, and training management help construction companies maintain a safe working environment, mitigating the risk of non-compliance and associated penalties. “We also streamline onboarding with construction specific features such as kiosk mode because we know that an extended onboarding experience could cost your team valuable hours and time on the field,” adds Herr.

As construction projects vary widely in size and scope, Arcoro’s scalable solution accommodates the diverse workforce management needs of construction companies, from small subcontractors to large general contractors. This scalability ensures flexibility and adaptability as businesses navigate different project complexities. Arcoro’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in its customer-guided product roadmap. Actively involving customers in the development process ensures that the software aligns closely with user needs, providing features that offer the most value and enhance user satisfaction.

In addition to ongoing partnerships, including collaborations with HCSS and BuildOps, Arcoro is poised to launch a new Construction Payroll Module in 2024. This marks a significant step, integrating payroll functionality into the Workforce Management Solution. By doing so, Arcoro aims to provide customers with a comprehensive suite of HR and payroll management tools, streamlining processes and ensuring data accuracy. Today, Arcoro stands at the forefront of reshaping the construction industry’s approach to workforce management. With a keen understanding of industry-specific challenges, innovative solutions, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Arcoro empowers construction companies to navigate the complexities of a shrinking workforce and embrace efficiency in the digital era. “With built-in integrations to over 300 partners, Arcoro’s system can be scaled to meet your company’s emerging requirements. It can be integrated with ERP systems, insurance carriers, payroll processors, business intelligence applications and much more,” concludes Herr.